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Eaglesoft Development Group genesis was late 2000 and early 2001/2002. Our efforts began as, and was the result of a lifelong love for all things aviation. While pursuing an SEL/PPL, a chance introduction to Microsoft FS98, flown from the keyboard no less, led to the FS2000 simulation platform and a CH Yoke/Pedals combination. The desire for online flying via Squawkbox and Vatsim quickly culminated in approaching a few like minded and talented friends who wished to build and fly Corporate Aviation and General Aviation Aircraft for the then new and upcoming FS2002 Simulator Platform. Eaglesoft founding members include owner Ronald Hamilton, Bob Hayes, Lonny Payne, and Bill Leaming. Our efforts led to an affiliation with Flight One Software to handle licensing and ecommerce and Eaglesoft Development Group was launched!
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