Virtualcol – Jetstream Super 31 FSX/P3D


Publisher: Virtualcol
Date Added: Sep-14-2018
Updated: May-13-2020
Version: 1.0
File Size: 87.4 MB

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Virtualcol is proud to present the new product JETSTREAM SUPER 31, a detailed model based on the aircraft BAE Jetstream 32 (Super 31) developed for use with Flight Simulator X and full compatible with Prepar3D. Meets all standards for modeling, mapping (textured) and animations required by the Flight Simulator X.

Product features:

  • Panel fully functional cabin both flat as Virtual Cabin.
  • The user may choose to fly the plane between the two cabins. Either one works the same way.
  • All aircraft systems operate according to the manual of the aircraft as well as the procedures.
  • Actual sound of the plane´s engines, switches and alerts.
  • Full control of all commands manually based on actual aircraft.
  • Detailed virtual cockpit both pilot and passenger, which allows it to be covered with WALK AND FOLLOW programs such as ACTIVATE or CAMERA.
  • Manual easy to understand because it is graphic.
  • 25 repaints of various airlines in the world and can obtain from the console new optional additional repaints.
  • Mobile engine blades, visible the function Feather clearly.
  • Detailed texturing, alpha channel management, bumps and specular.
  • Aerodynamics tested and adjusted to the actual model.
  • 3-point flaps and 90 ° DUMP function that operates as a spoiler to reduce speed.
  • Absolute compatibility with DirectX 10 and later.
  • DDS textures. Prepar3D full Compatible.

Actual version includes the next repaints:

  • Manufacturer
  • Aerolínea de Antioquia ADA (Colombia)
  • Aeropelican (Australia)
  • Aerolíneas Sosa (Honduras)
  • American Connection -Circa 1988 – (USA)
  • American Eagle – Circa 1992 – (USA)
  • British Airways -Operated by SUN AIR- (UK / Denmark)
  • BVI Airways (British Virgin Islands)
  • DirektFlyg (Sweden)
  • Macair Jet (Argentina)
  • (UK)
  • Sarpa (Colombia)
  • Skyways (Sweden)
  • United Express -Circa 1990- (USA)
  • United Express -Circa 1995- (USA)
  • Acsa (Rep. Dominicana)
  • Avies (Estonia)
  • BlueIsland Airways (UK)
  • BrikAir (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Dominicana (Rep. Dominicana)
  • Highland Airways (UK)
  • Infinit Air (Canada)
  • JetAir (Poland)
  • RedStar (Turkish)
  • RollinsAir (Honduras)
  • Transmandú (Venezuela)



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