Virtualcol – DeHavilland DHC3 Otter for FS2004


Publisher: Virtualcol
Date Added: Sep-17-2018
Version: 1
File Size: 85.80 MB

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Development of product FF (Friendly frames) allows fluid flight with functionally cockpit and gauges, multiple repaints and six different models at a little price.

The product DHC-3 OTTER includes:

  • 6 Models with virtual cockpit: Prop fix gear, Prop Amphibian, Prop with skis, Turboprop fix gear, Turboprop Amphibian and Turboprop with skis.
  • Panel 2D
  • Original sound PROP and TURBOPROP
  • Paint kit
  • Graphic user manual
  • Including 23 repaints:

DHC-3 Prop fix gear

  • Canada – Air Force
  • Ketchum Air Service
  • TAA – Trans Australia Airlines
  • US Army
  • US Navy

DHC-3 Prop Ski

  • Air North
  • Ontario Provincial Air Service
  • Canada – Air Force

DHC-3 Prop Amphibian

  • Air Mont-Laurier
  • Ontario Provincial Air Service
  • Chimo Air Service
  • Ketchum Air Service
  • Volcanic Air Safaris

DHC-3 Turboprop fix gear

  • Alaska Air Taxi
  • Katmai Lodge

DHC-3 Turboprop Ski

  • K2 Aviation
  • Talkeetna Air Taxi
  • Ultima Thule Outfitters

DHC-3 Turboprop Amphibian

  • Harbour Air
  • Katmai Lodge
  • Rusts Flying Service
  • Vancouver Island Air
  • Whistler Air




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