Virtavia – Yakolev Yak-52 for FSX


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
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Virtavia Yakolev Yak-52 – FSX

For FSX and FS2004 only

Get the FSX Steam Edition version of the Virtavia – Yak-52 FSX Steam Edition here.

The Yakovlev 52 Russian military trainer is capable of awesome aerobatics with its sturdy construction and 360 hp, 9 cylinder supercharged radial engine. The aircraft is stressed to +7/-5 G and is capable of speeds up to 230 knots (426 kph). With a roll rate in excess of 120 degrees per second and its impressive vertical performance the aircraft effortlessly completes advanced aerobatic maneuvers. The aircraft is equally at home completing gentle turns and dives with the canopy open for a more leisurely flight. The Yak is used in Eastern European countries for basic through to advanced military flying training. The aircraft are built under license from Yakovlev by the Romanian aircraft manufacturer, Aerostar. Over 1800 have been produced to date starting from 1979.


  • TEN detailed texture sets
  • both solo pilot and dual-pilot models included
  • 2-blade prop version with unique flight model (6 texture sets)
  • 3-blade prop version with unique flight model (2 texture sets)
  • 3-blade prop Taildragger version (Lithuanian version) with unique flight model (2 texture sets)
  • 2048-pixel square external bump-mapped textures in FSX
  • animated engine cowl shutters
  • prop blades animated for pitch
  • very high quality Yak-52 sounds by Turbine Sounds Studios
  • detailed VC with full-detailed rear cockpit included (FS9 traverse rearwards using ctrl-enter)
  • very sharp, easily readable, authentic gauges
  • realistic crew figures, togglable
  • opening front and rear canopies
  • note – 2D panel is not provided. Pop-up windows for GPS and AP available by keypress.



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