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Virtavia – Tu-160 ‘Blackjack’


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
File Size: 49.5 MB

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Virtavia Tu160 Blackjack – FSX DVD Edition

For FSX Steam Edition only

Get the FSX Steam version here.

The Tu-160 ‘Blackjack’ supersonic strategic bomber was originally built from 1980 to 1992. Production has been restarted, and delivery of new Tu-160s to the Russian Air Force commenced in May, 2000. Fourteen aircraft are in service with Russia at the present time. A single aircraft is under construction and scheduled for delivery in 2006. The Ukraine dismantled the last of its fleet of Blackjacks in February 2001. The aircraft is gargantuan when compared to similar planes such as the B-1B, operating in the weight class of heavy transports. Despite being refitted, the plane still has no HUD or MFD displays, retaining analog gauges for conveying information to the pilot and crew. Control is by means of a joystick rather than a yoke.



  • THREE texture sets – White, weathered prototype, and all-black – detailed
  • virtual cockpit with animations (sticks, pedals, levers)
  • highly detailed and photoreal 2D panel, all-xml gauges, fully mousable, custom pop-ups for radios, autopilot / ECU, GPS
  • four pop-up Navigator’s Station panels, including working moving map and fwd-looking ‘TV’ (TV FS2004 only). These panels created by real Tu-160 Navigator. NOTE: they have low functionality but are highly authentic in appearance and are mainly for ‘effect’ only
  • FPS-friendly construction throughout
  • animated refuelling probe in nose (shift-e)
  • animated swing-wings, leading edge slats, flaps (automatic with speed)
  • animated engine AB nozzles
  • animated bomb bay doors with authentic missile launcher equipment inside
  • amazing animated afterburner flame fx
  • automatic smoke and vapour trail fx (wingtip and flaps)
  • simulated Tu-160 soundset included
  • high detail undercarriage with realistic retraction sequence
  • specular reflectivity (‘dynamic shine’)
  • highly authentic flight model with checklist
  • authentic landing and nav lights
  • VC rain fx (in FS2004 only)


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