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Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
Updated: Mar-06-2021
Version: 2.0
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Virtavia SH-3 Sea King – P3D

TEN distinct models and TWENTY highly detailed texture sets provide wide coverage of many of this famous helicopter’s variants and users. The virtual cockpit has many nice details, such as a fully-functioning hover gauge, a drift indicator, mousable radios and a completely modelled rear cabin area. A TSS sounds package provides a highly realistic audio dynamic, both inside and out.

Carefully-tuned flight dynamics make the Sea King a delight to fly, with nimble agility at low speed and safe stability at cruise. The systems are kept to a minimum, just start and fly, so flightsim novices and those new to rotorcraft will have no trouble in getting into the air in the Virtavia SH-3 Sea King.


  • TEN model variations with TWENTY detailed texture sets:
    • HAR Mk.5, Royal Navy
    • HAR Mk.3, Royal Navy
    • AEW Mk.2A, Royal Navy
    • Mk.48, Belgian Air Force
    • HC.4 Commando, Royal Navy
    • HC.4 Commando, Royal Navy (IFOR scheme)
    • HAS Mk.1, Royal Navy
    • SH-3A, US Navy, USS Essex
    • SH-3D, US Navy, USS Hornet
    • SH-3H, US Navy, USS Hornet
    • CH-124B, Canadian Forces
    • HAS Mk.1, German Marineflieger
    • ASH-3D, Aviazione Navale of Marina Militare
    • HAS Mk.1, Royal Australian Navy
    • HSS-2B, Japan Self Defence Force
    • SH-3D, Spanish Armada
    • HAS Mk.1, Indian Navy Aviation
    • HC.4 Commando, Arab Republic of Egypt Air Force
    • 19HAS Mk.1, Pakistan Navy Aviation
    • ASH-3D, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy
  • virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
  • rear cabin area included in VC
  • night lighting effects in VC
  • special custom-made gauges for Hover Control, CDI and GVI (drift)
  • stunning realistic texturing with highly detailed weathering
  • high quality TSS Sea King soundset included
  • togglable crew figures
  • animated entry door, side door
  • winch/sling is supported
  • note – no 2D panel provided
  • 17-page PDF illustrated user manual

Changelog v2.0

Changes the virtual cockpit size so it looks correct in VR

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