Virtavia – Mil Mi-28 Havoc for FSX


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
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Virtavia Mi-28 Havoc – FSX

For FSX and FS2004 only

Get the FSX Steam Edition version of the Virtavia – Mi-28 Havoc FSX Steam Edition here.

The Mi-28 combat helicopter has been developed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and is known by the NATO codename Havoc. In August 1996 Mil rolled out a prototype of the day and night capable version, the Mi-28N Night Havoc. The first production Mi-28N took its first flight in April 2004 and began flight testing with the Russian Air Force in June 2005. The Mi-28 can be armed with a mixture of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, unguided rockets, and podded guns. The Russian Air Force has plans to procure up to 50 of this variant, now called the Mi-28NE Night Hunter.


  • full native FSX model included with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc)
  • THREE high-detail texture sets with realistic weathering effects
  • soundset included
  • authentic virtual cockpit with animations and (some) mousable switches
  • all-xml 2D panel, custom pop-ups for radios and electrics
  • HUD included
  • weapons toggled on/off using tailhook function
  • highly realistic crew figures
  • crew figures toggled on water rudder command
  • rotor blades animated to show fore/aft & left/right tilt (FS9 only)
  • animated sensors and chin cun
  • animated crew doors
  • faint smoke trail effect
  • custom ground dust effect
  • paint kit for repainters provided
  • VC rain effects (FS2004 only)



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