Virtavia – MH-53J Pavelow III for FSX


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
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Virtavia MH-53J Pave Low III – FSX

For FSX and FS2004 only

Get the FSX Steam Edition version of the Virtavia – MH-53J Pave Low III FSX Steam Edition here.

The MH-53J has evolved from a long line of search and rescue Stallions, a comprehensive suite of electronics allows the aircraft to avoid terrain, missiles and even aircraft threats, counter measures enhance the survivability of this rugged work horse. fitted with refueling prods the PAVE LOW helicopters have a vast range and there strength often sees then completing tasks in weather which no other airframe can perform. PAVE LOWs were involved in JUST CAUSE ( the liberation of PANAMA ), Desert Storm, Monrovia and Bosnia, mainly in the rescue role but also in special forces insertion and extractions.


  • 4 texture variants included:
    • Lo-vis gray
    • Euro ‘Lizard’ camo
    • Desert camo
    • IFOR Winter camo
  • highly detailed textures by Pierre Lheureux
  • full FSX model included with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing etc)
  • custom MH-53 soundset included
  • animated rear ramp (primary exit) and winchman upper hatch (2nd exit)
  • animated cockpit side windows
  • highly authentic virtual cockpit with animations and (some) mousable switches
  • all-xml 2D panel, custom pop-ups for radios and switches panel
  • full checklist and reference files
  • extending refuel probe animated using tailhook function (FS9 only)
  • highly realistic crew figures, toggled on water rudder command (shift-w, FS2004 only)
  • rotor blades animated to show fore/aft & left/right tilt (FS9 only)
  • VC rain effects (FS2004 only)

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