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Virtavia – Martin Marlin FSX Steam Edition Main Package


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
File Size: 41.6 MB

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Virtavia Martin Marlin – FSX Steam Edition

For FSX Steam Edition only

Get the FSX version of the Virtavia – Martin Marlin FSX DVD Version here.

The Martin Marlin traces its origins back to the PBM-3 Mariner by the same company. Late in World War Two the underpowered PBM-3 was upgraded with better engines to become the PBM-5, but it was clear that a better design was needed for the post-war era. The Mariner’s successor first flew as the XP5M-1 prototype in May 1948 and went into full production as the P5M-1 in 1953. Delivery of the T-tail P5M-2 started in April 1954. The -2 also had a reconfigured bow and more powerful engines. Production of the P5M-2 (later designated SP-5B) ended in late 1960 with 103 going to the Navy, 4 to the USCG and 10 to the French Navy. The Marlin excelled in the all-weather ASW role and stayed in service until 6 November, 1967.


  • ONE model and ONE livery (5542, VP-48, USN, c.1957)
  • accurate virtual cockpit with authentic gauges, controls and custom animations.
  • animated hydro flaps, crew doors/hatches, nacelle doors and crew figures.
  • togglable beaching gear.
  • water spray effect on take-off.
  • custom engine start-up smoke effect.
  • togglable realistic crew figures with period flight gear.
  • animated, featherable propeller blades.
  • illustrated user manual in PDF format.
  • period radial engine soundset.
  • PhotoShop paint kit files provided.
  • Note no 2D panel is provided.

Martin SP-5B Marlin DLC (optional extra purchase)

The DLC offers FIVE new liveries:

  • 135516, VP-40, USN, c.1956
  • 5502, VP-40, USN, c.1962
  • 7931, VP-3, USN, c.1962
  • 1318, USCG, c.1960
  • ‘5’, 27.F, Aéronavale, c.1959

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