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Virtavia – Liberator RAF Variants for FSX Steam


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Jun-22-2020
Version: 1.0
File Size: 156.2 MB

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Liberator RAF variants Expansion Set for FSX Steam Edition

This 11-aircraft package expands the Virtavia B-24 Liberator for FSX SE. This set of models focuses on the early Liberators supplied to the Royal Air Force Bomber Command, Coastal Command and Ferry Command. Also included is Winston Churchill’s special VIP transport version of the PB4Y-2 Privateer known as ‘Commando’ as well as two USAAC-liveried early Liberators.

REQUIRES Virtavia B-24 Liberator for FSX SE (for sounds only, see note below).

Eleven Unique Aircraft And Texture Sets

  • LB30A Liberator, RAF Ferry Command
  • Liberator I (LB30B), RAF Coastal Command
  • B-24A Liberator, USAAC Ferry Command
  • Liberator B.Mk.II, RAF Bomber Command
  • Liberator II, RAF Coastal Command
  • Liberator II RY-3 (Liberator C.Mk.IX, VIP version)
  • Liberator II (LB30) ‘Jungle Queen’, USAAC
  • Liberator B.Mk.III, RAF Bomber Command
  • Liberator GR.Mk.III, RAF Coastal Command
  • Liberator GR.V, RAF Coastal Command
  • Liberator GR.VI, RAF Coastal Command


  • Virtual cockpit switch ‘click’ sounds
  • Virtual cockpit tested and optimized for VR (VR is not required)
  • Animations for bomb bay doors, gunners and pilots, cowl flaps, prop pitch, extendable ventral radar (GR.VI only)
  • 2D panel with custom pop-ups for autopilot, electrical & fuel systems, radios
  • PDF manual included for cockpit and panel/gauge functions
  • Custom effects for engine startup and exhaust smoke
  • Uses Prepar3D’s auto-discover function.

Important Note: This package is an EXPANSION for the Virtavia B-24 Liberator, the original product is however only needed for the SOUNDS. If you are able to edit the sound.cfg to point to another model with appropriate sounds, or you wish to add your own sounds to the Sound folder of this package, then the original B-24 package will not be required. The original B-24 sounds can not be provided with this expansion due to a licencing agreement.


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