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Date Added: Oct-20-2018
Version: 2.1
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Includes Version 2.1

Virtavia Handley-Page Hampden – FSX

For FSX only

Get the FSX Steam Edition version of the Virtavia – Handley-Page Hampden FSX Steam Edition here.

The Handley-Page Hampden was an aircraft that was very nearly obsolete when it went into service. One of the first British bombers to see service in World War, it carried a payload similar to the Wellington and Whitley, but was much faster and more maneuverable. It was the newest design of these three, sporting a very slender fuselage and fixed guns. It was indeed faster and more agile but the defensive armament was inadequate and was later updated. Still and all, the aircraft was a poor performer and was ultimately retired in 1942. However, as a civil aircraft and warbird, the Hampden makes an excellent viewing platform and is a great place to practice those tailwheel skills.


  • SIX models and SIX liveries
    • B.Mk.1, 185 Sqn., Cottesmore, 1939B.Mk.1, 144 Sqn., North Luffenham, 1942
    • B.Mk.1, 1404 (Met) Flight, Coastal Command, 1943
    • B.Mk.1, Torpedo Development Unit, 1939
    • TB.Mk.1, 415 Sqdn, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1943
    • TB.Mk.1, 489 Sqdn, Royal NZ Force, 1944
  • highly-detailed textures with heavy ‘weathering’ and subtle reflectivity
  • native FSX model with bump mapping
  • very high quality Pegasus soundset included
  • virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
  • included 2D panel, custom pop-ups for autopilot, ECU and radios
  • custom startup smoke effect
  • togglable crew figures
  • separate animated front and rear canopies, animated ventral hatch and bomb bay
  • animated cowl flaps
  • authentic flight model with checklist

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