Virtavia – H-60 Black Hawk FSX Steam Edition


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Feb-14-2021
Version: 2.0
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Virtavia H-60 Blackhawk – FSX Steam Edition

For FSX Steam Edition only

Get the FSX version of the Virtavia – H-60 Blackhawk FSX DVD Version here.

The H-60 evolved from experience in Vietnam for the need for a larger and more powerful battle worthy helicopter. The basic design has evolved into many sub types, ranging from medical, troop carrying, submarine hunting, military assault, fire fighting, police and passenger carrying in both the civil and VIP markets. Sales of the Blackhawk now cover 19 nations across the globe, surpassed only by the ageing Sea King.


  • SEVEN variants included:
    • MH-60K: 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment (SOAR), ‘Nightstalkers’, Somalia
    • UH-60L: USA, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)
    • S-70A-9 : AAAC (Australian Army Aviation Corps), A Squadron, 5e Aviation Regiment, RAAF Townsville QLD.
    • UH-60L: United Nations Preventative Deployment Force (UNPREDEP), Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 1992.
    • S-70A: IDFAF, Tsvah Haganah le Israel Heyl Ha’Avir (Israel Defense Force/Air Force), 124 Tayaset, Palmachim Air Base.
    • UH-60Q: KFOR, Company A, 1-137th Assault Helicopter Battalion, Ohio Army National Guard, KFOR rotation 6A, Yugoslavia.
    • UH-60Q: MEDEVAC, Company C, 3/2 Aviation Regiment (GSAB), Camp Humphreys Korea.
  • includes ‘REALGAUGE’ technology:
    • most VC gauges are 3D models with complete 3D working parts such as needles, flags, etc.
    • all gauges are fully mousable with switch parts all working correctly
    • ‘RealGauge’ provides – prefect smooth operation, high FPS, extremely crisp appearance
    • all gauges have custom night-time illumination
    • note – 2D panel is not needed, a ‘minimal’ bitmap is however provided
  • animations for : pilot doors, side sliding doors, auto-stabilator, toggle pilots on/off
  • native FSX model with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc)
  • the MFD has been sculpted to emulate the real-world H-60 MFD system
  • authentic virtual cockpit with animations and many mousable controls
  • 2048-pixel bitmaps for added clarity in the VC
  • simulated WX1000+ StormScope
  • brake pedal animations
  • MH-60K probe can be operated using the tail hook key
  • pilot visibility can be toggled using the water rudder key
  • fully modelled rear cabin
  • very accurate flight model
  • 7 interior and 5 exterior preset camera views
  • extremely high quality TSS sound set included
  • 63-page, color illustrated user manual in .PDF format, all aspects of the package are covered

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