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Virtavia – EC-121K Warning Star for P3D v4.5


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Mar-09-2020
Version: 1.0
File Size: 295.4 MB

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Designed from the outset as an early-warning aircraft, the WV-2 was officially named “Warning Star” although “Willy Victor” became the more common name. The original C-69 which became the prototype model for the 1049 Super Constellation, was also used for the prototype of the WV-2. The PO-1W/WV-1 tested the electronic equipment to be used on the WV-2s. In 1962 the WV-2s became EC-121Ks. This was followed by many designation changes due to aircraft modifications. In August 1964, the Tonkin Gulf Incident caused VW-1, the “Early Warning Squadron” to be tasked with daily airborne early warning coverage in support of combat operations in Vietnam. Bases were initially set up at Sangley Point, Phillippines and later moved to Chu Lai, South Vietnam and later Danang.


  • PBR materials used throughout
  • ‘3D’ constructed gauges used throughout
  • 324 custom animations
  • Cockpit is optimized for VR use, fully tested
  • Switch click and other custom cockpit sounds
  • High quality Skysong Soundworks sound set
  • Cockpit features authentic representations of both Pilot, Copilot and Flight Engineer stations
  • 8K liveries, 4K VC textures
  • Custom engine startup smoke effect
  • Togglable crew figures
  • Illustrated 37-page user manual in PDF format
  • Photoshop paint kit files provided

Note – No 2D panel is provided.

Note – installs to C:Program Files (x86)\Virtavia by default (path can be changed if required), so files need to be moved/copied to P3D – instructions provided.

Inspect the User Manual for this product: Virtavia EC-121K User Manual.



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