Virtavia – De Havilland DHC-4 (C-7) Caribou


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Date Added: Oct-20-2018
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The DHC-4 Caribou was developed by De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Ltd. in a joint effort with the Canadian Department of Defense. The prototype first flew in July, 1958. This tactical transport made the most of a capacious fuselage with a high, inverted gull wing and large upswept tail, which allowed steep angles of departure for its planned role as a STOL transport. Designed for flying into forward battle zones where short, unimproved airstrips mandated the ability to take off and land in very short distances, the Caribou could carry various loads, including 26 fully-equipped paratroops, 32 fully-equipped ground troops, 22 stretchers with wounded, or nearly 9,000 pounds of cargo, including vehicles. Caribou production ceased in 1973, with 307 aircraft built. A good number of these are still in operation today.


  • FIVE high-detail texture sets
    • C-7A, USAF, SE Asia, 1969
    • C-7, 35 Sqn. RAAF, Vietnam, 1965
    • C-7, RCAF (United Nations), 1968
    • CV-2A, ‘Snake Eater 2’, 61st Aviation Company, US Army, S. Vietnam, early 1960’s
    • YAC-1, US Army Parachute Team, the ‘Golden Knights’, 1985
  • highly-detailed and authentic virtual cockpit with many animations and mousable controls
  • fuselage interior included in VC
  • authentic all-xml 2D panel, custom pop-ups for autopilot, radios and electrics, fully mousable
  • simulated Caribou soundset
  • animated side doors and rear door with ramp
  • highly authentic flight model with checklist
  • realistic, animated crew figures
  • crew togglable (FSX only)
  • reflective textures (FSX only)
  • working landing lights and taxi light
  • Note : FSX version is a portover of the FS2004 version, so NO self-shadowing, bump, etc.


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