Virtavia – CH-53A Sea Stallion for FSX


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
File Size: 61.1 MB

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Virtavia CH-53A Sea Stallion – FSX

For FSX and FS2004 only

Get the FSX Steam Edition version of the Virtavia – CH-53 Sea Stallion FSX Steam Edition here.

The CH-53 was designed to meet an ever increasing demand for payload and range commitments from the Marines and Navy, the Marines were looking for extended off beach deployment to secure there vessels from counter attack. The specifications also called for conversions to assault, personnel and medical transportation as well as downed air frame recovery. Sikorsky won the contract against stiff competition from Boeing and Kaman to produce what is one of today’s fastest and heaviest utility helicopters.


  • 5 texture variants included
    • US Marine Corps 3-tone camo, early 80’s
    • US Marine Corps, early 70’s
    • US Marine Corps, late 70’s
    • W German Army ‘Heeresflieger’
    • W German Army ‘Heeresflieger’ United Nations
  • highly detailed textures by Pierre Lheureux
  • full FSX model included with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, etc.)
  • VC self-shadowing for SP2 users (DX10 preview mode)
  • custom soundset included
  • animated rear ramp (primary exit) and winchman hatch/door, cockpit side windows (2nd exit)
  • animated stowing tail section (on wingfold command FS2004, water rudder FSX)
  • animated winch cable/hook (tailhook command, FS2004 only)
  • highly authentic virtual cockpit with animations and (some) mousable switches
  • all-xml 2D panel, custom pop-ups for radios and switches panel
  • full checklist and reference files
  • highly realistic crew figures, toggled on water rudder command
  • rotor blades animated to show fore/aft & left/right tilt (FS9 only)
  • VC rain effects (FS2004 only)


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