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Virtavia B-66 Destroyer – FSX

For FSX only

Get the FSX Steam Edition version of the Virtavia B-66 Destroyer here.

Based on the U.S. Navy’s A3D Skywarrior, the B-66 Destroyer was SAC’s light bomber, and was to replace the piston-powered B-26 Invader. An RB-66 photo-reconnaissance version was ordered simultaneously. It was first envisaged that the conversion from a carrier-based craft to a land-based plane would be straightforward, but the transition was lengthier than anticipated. Most changes stemmed from the USAF’s stipulation that the plane be suitable for low-level operations. The first production RB-66B aircraft finally flew in early 1955. Deliveries began in 1956, and 145 were produced. They were used as the primary night recon aircraft of the USAF during that time. 72 of the B-66B bomber version were built concurrently, and thirteen B-66B aircraft were adapted as EB-66B ECM aircraft for the Vietnam War. The final B-66 variant took shape as the WB-66D weather reconnaissance aircraft, just 36 being built. The B-66 left service with the USAF in 1973.


Three models and three liveries:

  • B-66B, 84th BS, RAF Sculthorpe 1959)
  • RB-66B, 19th TRS, Spangdahlem AB, Germany 1958
  • EB-66E 42nd TEWS, Korat RTAFB, Thailand 1972


  • Native FSX model includes bump-mapping, self-shadowing & reflective bloom on glass
  • Realistic soundset
  • Virtual cockpit (retro)
  • Detailed 2D panel, many custom pop-ups, fully mousable
  • Animated ventral crew hatch, speedbrakes, bomb bay doors (B-66B only)
  • Authentic flight model with checklist
  • Togglable crew figure (ctrl-w)
  • Automatic realistic smoke trail effect
  • Custom engine startup smoke effect
  • Separate taxi and landing lights
  • PhotoShop paint kit files provided



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