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Virtavia – Avro Lincoln FSX Steam Edition Main Package


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
File Size: 49 MB

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Virtavia Avro Lincoln – FSX Steam Edition

For FSX Steam Edition only

Get the FSX version of the Virtavia – Avro Lincoln FSX DVD Version here.

Designed as a replacement for the Lancaster, the Lincoln was built as a long range bomber for missions into Eastern Europe, and for use in the Pacific war against Japan. Originally dubbed Lancaster Mk 4, the extent of the re-design was such that a new type number and name was justified. Apart from Australia, the only other export customer for the Lincoln was Argentina. The first Lincoln B.1 flew in June 1944. Only about 50 aircraft had been flown by May 1945 and with the end of WWII Lincoln production contracts were cut back sharply. The first unit to take delivery in February of 1946 was 44 Squadron which had been the recipient of the Lancaster 4 years earlier. A total of 447 Lincoln B.2s were built before production ended in 1947. Between 1950 and 1955 the Lincoln was used for anti-terrorist operations in Malaya and Kenya. The Australians continued to produce Lincolns until 1953 and retired the type in mid-1961.


  • ONE model and ONE livery (B.Mk.II RAF Bomber Command, std. camo)
  • very high quality native FSX model.
  • accurate virtual cockpit with authentic gauges, controls and custom animations.
  • animated bomb bays, crew doors/windows, crew figures.
  • togglable bombs.
  • custom engine start-up smoke effect.
  • togglable realistic crew figures with period flight gear.
  • animated, featherable propeller blades.
  • illustrated user manual in PDF format.
  • Merlin engine soundset.
  • PhotoShop paint kit files provided.
  • Note – no 2D panel is provided.

Avro Lincoln DLC (optional extra purchase)

The DLC offers THREE new model variants and FIVE new liveries:

  • B.Mk.II RAF Bomber Command (2 silver/grey schemes)
  • Mk.30 Royal Australian Air Force
  • MR.31 Royal Australian Air Force
  • Aries II RAF FC ‘Lincolnian’

Get more versions and variations here


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