Virtavia – AH-64A Apache


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
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In 1972 the US Army laid out plans for a new AAH after the failure of the AH-56 Cheyenne. Hughes beat Bell, the only other runner up, with the YAH-64, this later evolved into the AH-64A we see today. The A model has served in several conflicts, Panama, Iraq and recently Afghanistan, each time proving its superiority on the battlefield for suppression, survivability and ruggedness. Export orders are confirmed for Israel (A & D) UK (D) and Holland (D) and the D model ( Longbow ) is now in large use within the US Army as an A model replacement.


  • extremely high-quality model, textures and virtual cockpit
  • native FSX model available with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom, etc.)
  • FSX model includes VC self-shadowing (effect DX10 preview mode)
  • custom automatic stabilator animation (moves according to speed)
  • soundset included
  • highly authentic virtual cockpit with animations and (some) mousable switches
  • forward gunner’s station included at full detail level in VC
  • authentic all-xml 2D panel, custom pop-up for radios, fully mousable
  • Moving Map screen featured on 2D panel and in VC
  • highly realistic crew figure
  • crew figures toggled on 2nd Exit command (shift-e+2)
  • rotor blades animated to show fore/aft & left/right tilt (FS2004 only)
  • animated TADS
  • animated suspension, crew doors, tail control surface and tailwheel
  • VC rain effects (FS2004 only)


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