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Virtavia – 3B Skywarrior FSX Steam Edition Main Package


Publisher: Virtavia
Date Added: Oct-20-2018
File Size: 12.6 MB

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Virtavia 3B Skywarrior – FSX Steam Edition

For FSX Steam Edition only

Get the FSX version of the Virtavia – 3B Skywarrior FSX DVD Version here.

The Skywarrior was the largest carrier-based aircraft of its time, designed to operate from the Forrestal-class supercarriers. Intended as a strategic attack aircraft, the Skywarrior was designed for long range, with a thin, high-aspect ratio wing. Recon, ECM, and tanker versions were also built, with the EKA-3B combination ECM / tanker remaining in service up to the time of the first Gulf War. The length of the Skywarrior’s service life is a testament to the soundness of the original clean, efficient design.


  • ONE model and ONE livery (A-3B, VAQ-133 #610 “Wizzards”, USS Kittyhawk)
  • virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
  • complete crew area included in vc
  • authentic flight model with checklist
  • animated bomb bay doors
  • animated folding wings
  • authentic undercarriage structure and animations
  • 2D panel included with custom pop-ups, fully mousable with night illumination
  • panel includes animated yoke and throttles
  • soundset included
  • crew togglable on wingfold anim
  • leading edge slats operate automatically, distinct from flaps
  • KA models have extendable refuelling hose
  • cockpit overhead escape hatch
  • wing spoilers correctly animated as spoilerons
  • V-C includes all external model parts which would be visible
  • automatic smoke and wingtip vortex FX
  • Note: this version is a straight portover of the FS2004 version, so NO self-shadowing, bump, etc.

A-3B Skywarrior DLC (optional extra purchase)

The DLC offers FIVE new model variants (EA-3B, KA-3B, RA-3B, EKA-3B and ERA-3B) and TWELVE new liveries:

  • A-3B, VQ-1 “WORLD WATCHERS” n° 111, Nas AGANA, Guam, mid 80’s
  • EA-3B VQ2 “BATMEN”,Rota NAS, Spain, early 90’s.
  • KA-3B VAH-11 “Checkertail”
  • KA-3B VAH-4 “Fourrunners”
  • RA-3B, VAP-62, SE Asia, late 1960’s
  • RA-3B VAP-61, Agana, Guam, Aug. 67
  • RA-3B VAQ-33 “Firebirds” low vis
  • EKA-3B VAW-13 “Zappers”
  • EKA-3B VAQ-135 “Black Ravens”
  • ERA-3B VAQ-34 “Aggressors”
  • ERA-3B VAQ-33 “Firebirds” high vis

Get more versions and variations here


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