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vFlyteAir Simulations – Piper Arrow III


Publisher: vFlyteAir Simulations
Date Added: Jan-28-2019
Updated: Jul-20-2020
Version: 5.1
File Size: 892.6 MB

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The Piper PA28R-201 Arrow III is a fixed-wing, retractable gear, constant-speed propeller airplane equipped with a fuel-injected 200 HP Lycoming IO-360 engine. The Arrow III was first produced in 1976 and featured a new semi-tapered wing plan form and a longer stabilator for improved low speed handling compared to the Arrow II.

Our version of the Arrow III for X-Plane is loaded with lots of special features including a two-in-one “convertible” instrument panel that allows you to switch between the traditional analog-gauge panel or the Aspen EFD 1000 PFD glass-panel option. You can even change panels on the fly! Fully updated for X-Plane 11, the Arrow III has FMOD sounds and is virtual-reality optimized. You can “pop out” some of the gauges and instruments for better readability, especially in VR. The Arrow III also supports the RealityXP (TM) g430 and GTN650 plugins as fully integrated into the instrument panel. An interactive menu system provides a dynamic Weight and Balance chart, as well as preferences settinga and inter-active “smart” check lists.

If you are looking for a good example of a complex GA airplane for X-Plane, the Arrow III will fit the bill!

Requires X-Plane 11.10 or newer. If using the RealityXP g430 or the GTN 650 plugin, configure as Unit #1.


  • STEC autopilot with HDG, VS, NAV, ALT hold, Yaw Damper and Back-course (Localizer approaches are automatic)
  • Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
  • Garmin g430 (X-Plane) OR RealityXP g430 OR RealityXP GTN650 (configured as Unit 1)
  • Narko MK 12D TSO COM2/NAV2 radio
  • Garmin GTX 327 transponder with Pressure Altimeter, Flight Timer, Count Up Timer, Count Down Timer
  • Standard “six-pack” analog gauges including Airspeed Indicator, Turn/Bank Indicator, Vertical Velocity Indicator, Altimeter, Directional Gyrocompass (vacuum), Artificial Horizon
  • King ADF with integrated indicator
  • Bendix King KN 62A TSO DME
  • OBS 1 with digital DME display, localizer, glideslope
  • OBS 2 with localizer
  • Davtron M800 Chronometer with UTC Time, Local Time, and Elapsed Timer
  • Davtron Model 903 digital VOR with NAV1/2 selector, TO/FR selector, and NAV Station ID
  • Audio Annunciator system provides in-headphone verbal annunciations and warnings (can be turned off)

Special Features:

  • PBR textures for realistic effects in X-Plane
  • Convertible panel – switch between the traditional anaolog-gauge panel or the Aspen EFD1000 glass panel on the fly!
  • Custom FMOD sounds
  • Custom airfoils developed by Alan Shafto of AeroSim Gaming
  • Resizable and re-positionable on-screen menus provide access to Option settings, dynamic Weight and Balance chart, and interactive Check Lists
  • Virtual Reality optimized
  • “Pop-out” gauges for better readability, especially in VR
  • On-Screen pop-up warnings indicate various notifications and warnings (can be disabled in the Options menu)
  • Includes the Shade Tree MicroAviation Autoupdate plugin – your Arrow III stays up to date with changes and improvements automatically!
  • Fully animated throughout
  • Highly detailed 3D model
  • Plugin-controlled engine startup – takes longer to start a cold engine
  • 3D prop disc effects
  • Pop-up menu for preferences and views
  • Custom HDR lighting effects
  • Custom “Squelch Defeat” sound
  • 8 liveries included


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