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vFlyteAir Simulations – Cirrus SR20 for X-Plane


Publisher: vFlyteAir Simulations
Date Added: Jan-28-2019
Updated: Jul-20-2020
Version: 2.6
File Size: 816.9 MB

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The Cirrus Aircraft SR20 was first flown in 1995, and it was the first aircraft of its type to have a ballistic recovery parachute. The parachute has been modeled in the vFlyteAir version. Another unusual feature of the SR20 is the automatic control of the variable-pitch (constant speed) propeller. The pilot does not control the prop speed with a traditional prop lever. Instead, the Cirrus automatically adjusts prop speeds depending on the power setting controlled by the pilot. Also unusual is the placement of the pilot and copilot control yokes, which are placed on the outboard sections of the panel. The pilot flies with left-hand control, and the copilot flies with right-hand control. Throttle and mixture controls are placed between the seats on the center console lower panel. The SR20 is an all-composite construction with glass panel avionics

Igor Kirilove makes the airplane come to life with his unparalleled skills in 3D modeling and photo-realistic texturing. Our SR20 is extremely accurate in terms of size and proportions because it was modeled using actual CAD data as reference. Many textures are 4K resolution to enhance sharpness and realism.

The avionics were developed by Mario Donick. They are highly functional and resemble the look and feel of the Garmin Cirrus Perspective® system, which is based on the Garmin G1000®. Several features of the Perspective® PFD and systems are modeled in the vFlyteAir version. In version 2.5, the avionics now also support procedures, i.e. you can load SIDs, STARs and approaches into the flight plan.

The Cirrus SR20 requires X-Plane 11.10 or newer. For approaches and departures procedures, requires purchase of navigation data from Navigraph or Aerosoft (NavDataPro)


  • Simulated Cirrus Perspective® system by Mario Donick. Includes custom PFD, MFD and simulated Cirrus Perspective® Flight Director/Autopilot and Audio Panel
  • Backup analog gauges include Airspeed Indicator, Artificial Horizon, Altimeter

Special Features:

  • VR Ready – the Cirrus is optimized for VR use in X-Plane 11
  • Shade Tree MicroAviation Autoupdate plugin is included. your copy will be automatically updated (when needed) every time you load the Cirrus
  • On-screen menu system is resizable and re-positionable, and provides Options settings, and dynamic Weight and Balance chart
  • PBR textures provide to provide more realism
  • Save-states- your switch settings, options preferences and many more (55 different settings) settings are saved automatically when you unload the Cirrus, and are restored the next time you fly
  • Functional fuses
  • Cirrus Single Movement Power Lever(R) automatically controls the propeller blade pitches
  • Oxygen System – 3 hours of oxygen are provided for flights above 10,000′
  • FMOD sounds
  • Custom airfoils
  • Custom HDR lighting
  • BRS parachute recovery system modeled
  • 17 liveries included
  • Comprehensive illustrated User Manual
  • 3D propeller disc effects

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