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Date Added: Jan-6-2021
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Get Ready for Simulating in Fast and Powerful Aircraft

Pilots spend considerable time planning their flights and preparing their aircraft. Preflight checklists are often longer than flight phases. Make your simulations as realistic as possible by expertly planning and preparing your flights like real pilots.

Learn these fundamental steps of flight-sim preparation:

  • Simulator setup
  • Aircraft and route selection
  • Flight planning
  • Flight-deck preparation

Apply Instrument Flight Rules

Instrument flight rules (IFR) are required for almost all jet flights. Learn basic requirements such as designated altitudes and headings as well as fuel requirements. See where to find more information.

Prepare Your Aircraft

Learn about preparing your aircraft with fuel and payload.

  • Familiarize yourself with your flight deck.
  • Examine buttons, knobs, switches, levers, and instruments.
  • Request and receive IFR clearance.
  • Set your radios, autopilot, and autothrottle.
  • Get a concise weather briefing.

Start Your Aircraft

Learn about start-up checklists and proper procedures for starting jets. Request and receive taxi clearance when you are ready to go.

Use Bonus Materials

Three bonus items are included for helping you simulate realistically:

  • A complete transcript for easy reference so you don’t need to take notes.
  • My latest quick checklist card for use next to your simulator.
  • My standard V-Speed card for quick reference.

Learn From an Instructional Video

  • Deliberately designed and constructed
  • Well organized presentation
  • Scripted and edited narration
  • Separate screens for each step
  • Animated highlights for key concepts
  • Clear explanations for everything

Benefit From Professional Production

  • Meticulously planned
  • Thoroughly researched
  • Diligently constructed
  • Independently verified for accuracy
  • Separately reviewed for quality

Compatible With Popular Software and Operating Systems

  • Uses common video players such as Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and WinAmp
  • If your software plays MP4s, it will play this video.
  • Instructions for use are included.
  • Duration 9:40 minutes
  • File size 355 MB
  • Exclusively for home flight simulation

Focus and Limits

This video is for home flight simulations. It focuses on planning and preparing jet flights in the Cessna CJ4 Citation. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is used because it is most popular. Principles and methods can be applied to other aircraft and simulation programs.

The video does not explain everything real-world pilots do for flight planning and preparation because not all aspects are reflected in home flight-sim programs.

  • Flight management computer details
  • V-Speed calculations for taking off and landing
  • Flight-deck management

It does not fully explain the following aspects of jet simming that are covered in my other videos and books:

  • Flight planning
  • En route operations
  • Instrument flight rules
  • Starting engines
  • Using air traffic control
  • Relying on autopilot and autothrottle.
  • Using official instrument charts

An Advanced Skill

Simulating flight in fast and heavy aircraft is challenging. You will benefit from knowing how to fly an aircraft in the first place, and how to read its instruments and use its controls. You need to rely solely on instruments without seeing visual references outside the aircraft. Using official aviation charts is extremely beneficial.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

As a professional management consultant, I trained people in workplaces for more than 30 years. I began publishing books about home flight simulation in 1997 and videos in 2010. As a professional and experienced trainer, I invest a lot of effort and time toward making quality products that are useful to people.

  • Any video with manufacturing defects will be replaced at no cost.
  • If you can show that the content of this video is not as described herein, your money will be refunded.
  • If you find any facts that you believe are in error, please let me know so I can check it out.
  • Your constructive feedback is always welcomed.

My full guarantee is included in the package and can be made available by request. – Bill Stack

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