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Date Added: Sep-28-2020
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Version: 2.0
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Learn to Plan Flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator®

Aviation authorities require flight plans for instrument flights and recommend them for visual flights. Air traffic control uses flight plans to vector IFR pilots, and flight plans help VFR pilots reach their destinations timely and accurately. In MSFS 2020, VFR and IFR flight plans are displayed in the GPS units, the navigation logs, and the maps. Use of flight plans therefore enhances the realism of any cross-country simulation.

Two Videos in One Package

  • One for VFR flight planning
  • One for IFR flight planning

New Information

Version 2.0 is a substantial upgrade for an all-new video released in 2020.

  • Using Search to add VORs, waypoints, and fixes to VFR and IFR flight plans.
  • Selecting standard instrument departures and arrivals for IFR flight plans.
  • Modifying filed flight plans with GPS units.
  • Specific criteria for IFR low-altitude and high-altitude flights.

Each video is 50 percent longer.

Improved Audio

Narrations are completely re-done with advanced hardware and software for best user experience.

Plan Your Flights Like a Professional with this informative video guide!

  • Learn four ways to choose departure and destination airports.
  • See two ways to choose starting points and parking places at both airports.
  • Get information about runways, elevations, frequencies, and more.
  • Make GPS direct routes.
  • Make VOR-to-VOR routes.
  • Choose visual or instrument flight rules.
  • Select IFR low-altitude or high-altitude routes.
  • Add and delete waypoints.
  • See estimated flight distances and duration.
  • Select proper cruising altitudes.
  • Use the simulator’s NavLog and maps.
  • Save your flight plans.
  • File your plans with air traffic control.

Enjoy the Advantages of Flight Planning

  • Your filed flight plan is shown in the onboard GPS unit and simulator map.
  • The autopilot has a flight plan to follow.
  • Air traffic control vectors IFR flight plans.
  • Flight plans can be saved for future use.

Use Professionally Produced Instructional Videos

  • All topics are deliberately chosen for utmost relevance.
  • Every aspect is clearly explained with simultaneous animations.
  • Significant details are highlighted.
  • All narrations are deliberately scripted and edited.
  • Narrations are precisely spoken.
  • Audio is clear throughout.
  • Images are captured directly from MSFS 2020.

Compatible With Popular Software and Operating Systems

  • Video plays on common media players.
  • Duration: 18 minutes (9 for each video).
  • File size: 600 MB.
  • Instructions for use included.

Focus and Limits

  • Focuses on the electronic flight planner in Microsoft Flight Simulator® 2020.
  • Applies to all aircraft
  • Suitable for all cross-country simulations
  • Does not apply to other flight-simulation programs.

Bonus Items

Five bonus items are included free for quick reference:

  • Transcript of IFR video
  • Transcript of VFR video
  • Regulation altitude chart
  • Keyboard shortcut list for MSFS 2020
  • V-Speed card

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a professional management consultant, I trained people in workplaces for more than 30 years. I began publishing books about home flight simulation in 1997 and videos in 2010. As a professional and experienced trainer, I invest a lot of effort and time toward making quality products that are useful to people.

  • Any video with manufacturing defects will be replaced at no cost.
  • If you can show that the content of this video is not as described herein, your money will be refunded.
  • If you find facts that you believe are in error, please let me know so I can evaluate them.
  • If you have suggestions for improvement, please share them with me.

My full guarantee is included in the package and can be made available by request. – Bill Stack

Available Only As Download

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