Toposim – United States Continent Bundle


Publisher: Toposim
Date Added: Sep-09-2019
Version: 1.00
File Size: 6.34 GB

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Multi-LOD10/10m maximum horizontal resolution terrain mesh covering the lower 48 United States . There are 7 separate downloads totaling . . .

6.34 GB download

About Toposim Terrain Mesh

Terrain mesh is pretty simple. It’s the shape of the ground depicted as elevation points spaced on a grid. In most of the world this grid is 612m between postings, so that misses most of the details of the real-life ground, causing jaggy peaks to look like rounded bumps.

Toposim Continents terrain mesh raises the resolution to only 19m between elevation postings, so it greatly enhances the detail and accuracy of the elevation grid, as the source data is derived from real-world measurements.


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