Tino Nuglisch – X-CPL-Pilot for X-Plane 11


Publisher: Tino Nuglisch
Date Added: Aug-06-2020
Updated: Dec-10-2020
Version: 1.185
File Size: 105 MB

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Review: X-CPL-Pilot for X-Plane


X-CPL-Pilot is a GA business simulation that generates a variety of jobs for you to fly. Board your aircraft, select your jobs, and fly. X-CPL-Pilot is that simple.

Upon completion of your flight, you get rated as a pilot. A complex behind-the-scenes system constantly measures how you fly. If you get a good rating, your chances increase to get better paying job offers, including VIP flights and high-jump skydiving.

Jobs vary from passenger (pax), cargo, sightseeing, and even skydiving. With its clever integration of third party objects, you will see pax arrive before boarding, or even see parachutists flying away after they jump.

X-CPL-Pilot can be as demanding if you like. Do you want to make a fast fortune or have a realistic experience? The choice is yours.



You are an entrepreneur. A pilot for hire. Pick your jobs, choose from parachuting, cargo, pax or sightseeing jobs.

Fly time-critical VIP missions or relaxing sightseeing tours. The choice is yours.

(Only GA aircraft and helicopter until 40 tons supported.)


Random contract generator creates routes that span over 14 different destinations.

Add new FBO’s which are linked to each other via generated jobs. Want to fly from Orbx Washington to California? Well, just do it.


Random contract generator creates single legs for multiple destinations.

You can create own legs for each FBO.


The amount of fees, charter cost and your income is based on real world data. They vary depending on aircraft, airport size and seasons.


Works 100% in VR. No need to leave your virtual cockpit.


Objects such as cars or buses bring passengers and/or cargo onto your ramp. Add your own third party objects to see luggage, passengers or parachute jumpers.


A rating system assesses your skills as a pilot. A good rating leads to better paid jobs.


Create scenes with your imported objects in real time. No scene editing, no reloading. No WED skills needed! Import and export functions, let you share the scenes with others.


Create your own custom missions and link them to your scenes. How about rescue missions? Or bringing some PAX to Oshkosh?

Add POI’s to X-CPL-Pilot which will be used as destinations for sightseeing missions.

Create your own custom jobs and share them with others.


English and German.


You only need X-Plane: No browser, no other plug ins for X-CPL-Pilot to work.

  • Self-programmed user interface
  • Written in C++
  • Database driven
  • Windows can be popped out to use X-CPL-Pilot on another display


Sounds will be played when certain events occur.


  • X-Plane 11.45 till current beta
  • Only Windows 7, 8, 10


(Not english)

Changelog V1.11


  • Airliner support!: Take a look at the Airline-Jobs tab. Klick on a job, then on “Accept offer”
  • Different prices per Airport
    • If you open the map, green Airports have fuel, red none. See more details via mouse over over the airport.
  • You can now add multiple accounts/company
    • Activate the one, you want to be using
  • Overhaul of the rating system
    • Measurement has changed
    • Also changes so that new features could be added more easily
  • Option for 3 Difficulties for each account:
    • Easy
      • You get more income for the jobs
      • Offset for runway centerline measurement increased
      • No fines
    • Standard
      • Normal income as intended
      • Penalty for hard landing
      • Different prices per Airport. If you open the map, green Airports have fuel, red none.
      • Airports get new fuel every day.
    • Hard
      • Taxes will now also be charged
      • Chartered machines have to be refueled after use
      • Offset for runway centerline more narrow
      • Penalty for hard landing
      • Penalty for long floats
      • Different prices per Airport (Some won’t have any fuel.) If you open the map, green Airports have fuel, red none.
      • Airports get new fuel every 5 days!
      • No retour jobs for single legs
      • Job salary varies
      • No extra money
      • Jobs expire after 2 to 4 hours
      • You get penalty, new here, of you are over 250 knots under 10.000 feet, you get a fine
      • You only can manually regenerate jobs once a day
      • Multi legs don’t always have a connection from one destination to another
  • Option to define is a aircraft only to be used for cargo and/or pax
  • Destinations will be picked by appropriate runway lengths
    • It’s automatically done, if the information is available from the aircraft file. If not, you can change the value under [Settings] -> [Aircraft] (equivalent to seat number changing.)
    • You can set a global minimum lengths at [Settings] -> [Tab: General]
  • Added fine when over 250 knots below 10.000 feet (AGL)


  • You can now change picture and name of your manager
    • Go to accounts, copy and paste in the path of the image file
  • Weight will now be reduced after the skydivers jump
  • Ferry flight simplified: You don’t have to type in a destination anymore. Just click on ferry flight and go.
  • Rounding of flight hours fixed
  • “Schedule by real locale time” should now function correctly
  • You will preferably see aircraft’s in the marked that are frequently used
  • Flight schedule now sorted from earliest to latest time
  • Option to define maximum destinations for multi legs
  • Set image for company, manager and manager name for each account