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Publisher: Taburet
Date Added: Aug-26-2021
Updated: Oct-24-2021
Version: 1.5
File Size: 41.4 MB

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The function of this scenery is to modified the roads with new asphalt textures and clear misplaced trees on all roads in the South of the United States. This scenery consists of repaving of motorways; primary; secondary; trunk; residential; exclusion of trees on all motorway roads to avoid trees growing in the middle of roads. The newly paved roads after installation of this add-on are visible on cockpit mapping instruments and default VFR map. It has been made with MSFS smooth running in mind but will still provide valid VFR information while you fly. Vast coverage of all southern United States roads; no impact on MSFS performance. Please note: MSFS asphalt material is darker in the morning and brightens up as the day goes by and is controlled by MSFS and not by the add-on.

Version 1.5 bring further material improvements (blending; effects; visibility); enhanced sim performance; vastly extended roads visibility showed on default VFR map.

Coverage: Southern United States.

Installation; Extract usa_south_roads into your MSFS community folder.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 or faster
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Video card: 6 GB VRAM
  • 165 MB HD space

Support available from: [email protected]

Updated Version To 1.3

  • Replaced paved surface with semi-transparent material
  • Cleared residual default asphalt on roads covered by this scenery
  • Fixed MSFS early morning shading
  • Road markings improved visibility

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