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Taburet – MeshXP USA East 1 for X-Plane 11


Publisher: Taburet
Date Added: Nov-03-2018
File Size: 2.9 GB

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MeshXP USA East 1

Compiled from 10 m resolution data to make high resolution terrain mesh for X-Plane 11. MeshXP’s function is to add elevation points to the terrain to further increase precision, shaping valleys and mountains as real as it gets. This mesh can be used on its own or underneath photorealistic scenery of any kind. It uses X-Plane 11 default vectors, i.e. roads; landclass; powerlines.

This is an X-Plane 11 Terrain mesh. MeshXP East USA 1 covers an extensive area and states: Louisiana; Arkansas; Missouri are west half covered; Illinois is covered up to just below the northern border; Indiana; Mississippi; Alabama are completed covered; Kentucky; Tennessee are western half covered.

It requires 2.9 GB of HD space. No decrease of frames rates. Featuring some of the best hydro scenery to fly over the States this was a very complex compilation of millions of water polygons added to depict rich hydro geographical caracterical areas. This scenery covers such as the Mississippi river estuary.

All MeshXP Packages are designed to fit into each other providing continuous coverage without leaving any gap between one package and the others; packages might not cover entire states as we cut it into square blocks to keep it as simple as possible.


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