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Date Added: Jun-18-2022
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REGA and Swiss Huts (Vol. 1) pays tribute to the amazing jobs from the REGA helicopters pilots.

REGA is a private, non-profit air rescue service that provides emergency medical assistance in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

REGA mainly assists with mountain rescues, though it will also operate in other terrains when needed, most notably during life-threatening emergencies. REGA also provides a repatriation and medical advice service for members who experience a medical emergency while abroad and local treatment is not available.

You will fly from REGA 10 base Wilderswill (ICAO: RG10) and land onto two awesome Swiss Alps huts:

  • Hornlihutte (45.982264, 7.677233)
  • Monte Rosa Hut (45.957325, 7.814063)

Enjoy your flight!

(CAUTION: the Airbus H135 helicopter and REGA livery are NOT INCLUDED in the bundle!)

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