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Publisher: South Oak Co
Date Added: May-17-2021
Updated: Aug-23-2021
Version: 1.2
File Size: 451.9 MB

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Hana Hawaii
FAA Identifier: HNM

Located on the northeastern coast on the island of Maui, Hawaii

Hana Airport and the surrounding area of the Island have been hand-crafted to replication in this scenery enhancement package for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. As a State of Hawaii owned regional public airport, this airfield serves general aviation, commercial, and charter air traffic. Serviced by a regularly scheduled commercial air service, Hana Airport offers a quick and convenient connection to the other Hawaiian Islands. Additional activity on the airfield includes skydiving, gliding, and aerial tours. The unique location of the runway, situated on the coastline, offers a challenging approach during high wind conditions. Landing short of runway 26 or landing long on runway 08 can result in impacting the rugged, rocky shoreline.

Product Features

  • Custom, reworked natural landscape and vegetation
  • Accurate runway, taxiway, and apron enhancements
  • Handcrafted, replicated airport buildings with high resolution physically based rendering (PBR) textures
  • Detailed shoreline enhancements
  • Custom, high resolution orthoimagery
  • All models are created using a frame rate friendly .GLTF format

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.


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