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Skysong Soundworks – P&W R-985 Wasp Junior HD Audio for FSX and FS2004


Publisher: Skysong Soundworks
Date Added: Nov-23-2018
File Size: 39.8 MB

Compatible With:


The Grumman G-21 Goose is an amphibious aircraft that was designed by Grumman to serve as an eight-seat “commuter” aircraft for businessmen in the Long Island area. The Goose was Grumman’s first monoplane to fly, its first twin-engined aircraft, and its first aircraft to enter commercial airline service. During World War II, the Goose became an effective transport for the US military (including the United States Coast Guard), as well as serving with many other air forces. During hostilities, the Goose took on an increasing number of combat and training roles. The adaptable transport continued in postwar use.


  • 2 Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior

Sound Features Include

  • Timed Animations
  • Long Coughing Start Up
  • Long Shut-down
  • Gyro
  • Roll/Water/Tundra
  • Wind
  • Airframe Vibrations
  • Prop Trill
  • Prop Flutters
  • Engine Out Prop Wind-Mill
  • Fuel Pump
  • Stall/Airframe Stress
  • Flaps
  • Exit/Open/Close
  • Gear Lever
  • Gear/Up/Down
  • Heavy Bass Flyby/Distance Doppler–> (Drone Heard Miles From The Airport).



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