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SkySong SoundWorks – NA T-6 Texan HD-Audio


Publisher: Skysong Soundworks
Date Added: Nov-23-2018
File Size: 27.1 MB

Compatible With:


Balanced sound for an enjoyable flight inside and out.

Features Include Authentic Audio for:

  • Exterior Engine/Pratt&Whitney R-1340 Wasp
  • Interior Engine/Pratt&Whitney R-1340 Wasp
  • Includes that unmistakable T-6 Texan “Prop Frapping”
  • Start Up
  • Shutdown
  • Wind Slip over the Fuselage Gains as Aircraft Accelerates
  • Distinctive Radial Doppler Sound

Cockpit Environment:

  • Start-up/Shutdown
  • Flaps
  • Wind
  • Fuel Primer
  • Gear Down with Clunks
  • Gear Up with Clunks
  • Stall Warning
  • Rolling Sounds with squeaks and rattles
  • Touchdown
  • Flyby Ambience
  • Exit Open/Close
  • Smooth RPM Transitions

You will find the sound-set spot on compared to the real aircraft. We have expended a great deal of time fine tuning this soundset so it can be used in both sims with optimal results.


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