Skysong Soundwords – Douglas DC-3 v2 Modern Cockpit Sounds


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Date Added: Nov-23-2018
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Skysong Soundworks presents Douglas DC-3 v2 Modern Cockpit Sounds

Featuring sounds for two engines with Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp Radials. Many Variations Were Used On The DC-3.

  • Interior & Exterior audio samples were recorded from their respective positions
  • Fine tuned so each stage of the RPM power band is accurately represented
  • No Cross Channel Phasing

The designation “DC” stands for “Douglas Commercial”. The DC-3 was the culmination of a development effort that began after an inquiry from Transcontinental and Western Airlines (TWA) to Donald Douglas. TWA’s rival in transcontinental air service, United Airlines, was starting service with the Boeing 247 and Boeing refused to sell any 247s to other airlines until United’s order for 60 aircraft had been filled.TWA asked Douglas to design and build an aircraft to allow TWA to compete with United. Douglas’ design, the 1933 DC-1, was promising, and led to the DC-2 in 1934. The DC-2 was a success, but there was room for improvement.

Tech Notes

  • Engines 1 & 2 are independently controllable.
  • *I have included a “BUZZY” Interior Full Power sound as an option*
  • Separate install instructions included

Compiled from real world recordings for a truly immersive sound experience inside and outside the aircraft.

Designed to compliment the Just Flight DC-3 Add-On Package.

Sound Features Include

  • Timed Animations
  • Long Coughing Start Up
  • Long Shut-down
  • Start Switch Clicks
  • Gyro
  • Cabin-Bell
  • Auto-Pilot
  • Roll
  • Wind
  • Airframe Vibrations
  • Prop Trill
  • Prop Flutters
  • Engine Out Prop Wind-Mill
  • Fuel Pump
  • Stall/Airframe Stress
  • Flaps
  • Exit/Open/Close
  • Gear Lever
  • Gear/Up/Down
  • Touch-Down Real Screech
  • Heavy Bass Flyby/Distance Doppler–> (Drone Heard Miles From The Airport).



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