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Sky Simulations – McDonnell Douglas MD-11 V2.2


Publisher: Sky Simulations
Date Added: Nov-05-2018
Updated Jun-25-2020
Version: 2.21
File Size: 206.3 MB

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V2.2 Highlights

  • New PBR textures
  • New FMC vertical navigation added
  • Upgraded FMC
  • New aircraft manager.
  • Upgraded MCP for the new FMC vertical navigation
  • Fixed autobrake knob
  • Fixed battery drain
  • Improved knobs for better handling
  • Fixed steering handle animation
  • Fixed standardized fuel readings
  • Fixed engines off sound

Multi-Platform Support

  • FSX
  • FSX Steam Edition
  • Prepar3D (32 bit) V2 and V3
  • Prepar3D (64 bit) V4 and V5


State of the art replica of the aircraft. Choose between four different models:

MD-11 Passenger

  • GE CF6-80
  • PW PW4460

MD-11 Freighter

  • GE CF6-80
  • PW PW4460
  • New bump and specular maps
  • New fuselage
  • New wings
  • New engines
  • New dynamic flexible wings
  • New landing gear
  • Redesigned cargo bays
  • New high resolution textures
  • New 3D fan blades
  • New PBR textures (P3D V4/V5)
  • Fully operational 3-positions landing lights (retracted, extended off and extended on)
  • Every detail of the aircraft is modeled accurately and does not affect the frame rates
  • Ground power unit (GPU)
  • 3D modeled pitots, static probe, static ports
  • Moving wipers (2 speeds)
  • Accurately modeled and animated thrust reversers

Virtual Cockpit

  • Totally new Virtual cockpit
  • New 3D instruments
  • New VC new lighting effects
  • New high-res photo realistic-baked textures
  • New cockpit instrument backlight
  • New cockpit flood lighting
  • Highly detailed virtual cockpit fully operational and animated
  • Captain and First Officer windows, accurately modeled and animated with their mechanisms
  • Every switch, handle,screw, bolt or knob modeled in 3D
  • Animated main/service exit doors and cargo bay doors
  • Transparent and reflective windows
  • Clickable and movable sun screens
  • Hundreds of animations, almost every part of the VC that could move, will do!

Ground Mode

  • GPU interacts with the aircraft systems
  • Animated ground personnel
  • Catering truck, stairs truck and cargo loaders

Maintenance Mode

  • Engines, landing gear doors and weather radar

Flight Dynamics

  • Flight dynamics tested by real airline pilots and performance based in many real-world comparisons
  • Fully reliable in flight manuals, performance and climb
  • Perfectly simulated weight and Balance in accordance with the weight and Balance Manual


  • Complete engine sound package, recorded during engine run test, outside and inside the aircraft

Aircraft Systems

  • All systems with AUTO and Manual mode

Air Conditioning And Pressurization

  • Fully simulated air conditioning system
  • Cabin and cabin temperature control
  • Fully simulated pressurization system


  • Operative Flight Management Computer FMC
  • Based in the “EASYFMC” by Eric Marciano (v2.2 with new added features)


  • Fully operational fuel system


  • Fully simulated electrical system, AC and DC systems
  • Completely operational APU and Ground Power Unit

Hydraulic System

  • Fully simulated hydraulic system
  • Interacts with the aircraft control surfaces and its components depending on the existing pressure


  • GPWS, warning and caution sounds
  • Virtual copilot sounds
  • Takeoff configuration and warnings sounds

Includes flight operations manual and step by step tutorial manual.

Free MD-10 Expansion Available

Owners of the MD-10 package can also download and install a free MD-10 expansion pack. Please note that the expansion pack works only with Prepar3D v4.5 and v5.

Brief History of the MD-10

The MD-10 program was started by MDC (later Boeing) and FEDEX. The program consists of converting the DC-10 from passenger to freighter and then equipping the DC-10 with ACF (Advanced Common Flight Deck). The cockpit is basically identical to the MD-11 and it requires just two pilots. The conversion replaces the DC-10’s old analog instruments and computers with more modern displays and computers. This produces significant cost savings associated with switching to a two-person flight crew, improving common efficiency in an MD-10 / MD-11 fleet, including the same type ratings for pilots flying either of the plane.

Download MD-10 Expansion Pack Here


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