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Date Added: Oct-31-2019
Updated: Dec-16-2020
Version: 20201114
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Nimitz Class Vol. 1 allows you to immerse yourself in carrier ops, giving you the first two ships of the Nimitz class, modeled in stunning detail. From the shooter launching you off the catapult to catching the 3-wire on a pitching deck, from walking through the hangar to arranging aircraft like a deck handler, the SWS Nimitz & Ike allow you to experience carrier ops with a level of immersion hitherto unavailable!


The next chapter in SWS’ carrier ops technology features two carriers of the Nimitz class modelled in stunning detail. SWS’ CVN-68 USS Nimitz and CVN-69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower are the most detailed carriers created to date for any simulator. Highlights include:

  • High quality models of CVN-68 (2017) and CVN-69 (2016)
  • Complete air wing for each carrier, which can be placed using the Dynamic Deck Editor
  • Fully animated carriers: raise the catapult bubbles, LSO platform and control the elevators and doors -or leave them to the AI
  • Animated arrestor cables
  • Animated catapult JBDs, shuttles and steam
  • AI MH-60R plane guard helicopter which launches and lands on deck
  • Automatic or manual control over nine separate ship lighting systems
  • Carriers Extended v2.0 features:
    • SWS Fleet Placer allows placement of fleets anywhere with a few clicks
    • Create any deck state you want using our Deck Configuration gauge
    • Animated arrestor cables
    • Realistic catapult launches
    • IFLOLS & LRLS: realistic simulation of optical landing aids, including stabilisation and scaling
    • Weather-based pitching & rolling decks, created using real data
    • TACAN & ICLS
    • PALS (Autoland) based on the real SPN-42A
    • Custom SWS LSO
    • Independently controlled ship lights
  • Shore-based IFLOLS at:
    • NAS Fallon
    • NAS Key West
    • NAS Kingsville
    • NAS Lemoore
    • NAS Meridian
    • NAS Norfolk
    • NAS Oceana
    • NAS Patuxent River
    • NAS Pensacola
    • NAS Point Mugu
    • NAS Whidbey Island
    • NAWS China Lake
    • NALF Fentress
    • NALF Orange Grove
    • NALF San Clemente Island
    • NAF Atsugi
    • NAF El Centro
    • MCAS Miramar
    • NAS JRB New Orleans

Crowded deck!

Debuting on the Nimitz is our deck configuration technology. Allowing you to get in the shoes of a handler, place crew, vehicles and aircraft from any squadron, anywhere on the ship’s decks in real time, as well as save your custom deck states at will. Experience what it’s like to be a deck handler, trying to squeeze 70+ aircraft in the ship without fouling the decks.

The first carrier-based AI aircraft for P3D

In another first for SWS, an AI guard helicopter is included as a free bonus with the Nimitz!

Launch the MH-60 plane guard and watch it take-off, fly out and orbit near the carrier on plane guard duty. After flight ops are finished, call the helicopter back and watch as it guides itself to land on one of the available helipads.

Get a taste of what’s coming down the road!

AI ship management

An AI system handles the ship’s systems depending on whether it’s in the launch or recovery state. The AI also controls the ship’s lighting based on time-of-day and prevailing weather conditions.

Of course, you may take over control of the ship’s system at any time and handle things yourself!

Expandable animations

Crew are no longer statues and don’t appear out of context! A robust system allows us to spawn animated objects on the ship according to the selected operational state. Shooters & LSOs are the first animated objects finding their way onto the carriers, with more coming as the technology evolves.

Of course, our tow truck system from USS Midway makes a reappearance for those that don’t fancy taxying and prefer to tow their aircraft in place.

Realistic NAVAIDs!

Expanding on our previous implementation of TACAN, CEX carriers now come equipped with an ILS system and SPN-41 ICLS and SPN-42 PALS (requires aircraft-side integration). Furthermore, accurate simulation of the visual landing aids such as IFLOLS and LRLS is now possible, accounting for ship motion and hook-to-eye corrections.

Our visual landing aids (IFLOLS and LRLS) are simulated with a fidelity second to none. The IFLOLS can be set for a glideslope of 3.5, 3.75, or 4.0 degrees, compensates for aircraft size (hook-to-eye) by rolling the light-box just like the real thing, and has three stabilization modes (point, line, and inertial) with realistic lag and limits. To top it off, MOVLAS at three separate stations will be added in service pack 1.

SWS Nimitz Class Manual


  •  Prepar3D v4.5 or v5
  •  Quad Core Processor at 3.0 GHz or better
  •  8 GB RAM or more
  •  4 GB DirectX 11 GPU or better
  •  2 GB of Hard Drive space
  •  Visual C++ 2017 x64 (included)


  •  Prepar3D v4.5 or v5
  •  Quad Core Processor at 3.6 GHz or better
  •  16 GB RAM
  •  8 GB DirectX 11 GPU or better
  •  2 GB of Hard Drive space
  •  Visual C++ 2017 x64 (included)

Changelog of SWS Nimitz Class series – January 31, 2020

Carriers Extended! v2.0

  • Modifications to allow catapult launches of Aerosoft’s F-14 Extended
  • Added improved presets for Aerosoft F-14 Extended
  • Stability fixes and improvements
  • Added options for centerline/approach lights to allow use in other ship classes



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