Simworks Studios – Kodiak 100 Series II Wheeled Version for MSFS

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Publisher: SimWorks Studios
Date Added: Dec-17-2021
Updated: Oct-21-2022
Version: v1.3.6
File Size: 605 MB
$6 discount if you already own Amphibian version

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The Kodiak 100 Series II is a high-wing, single-engine turboprop aircraft, capable of transporting up to 9 passengers or cargo up to a distance of 1,132nm. Equipped with the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 engine flat-rated at 750shp, the aircraft is capable of taking off and landing in less than 350ft, enabling it to operate from small, unprepared airstrips all over the world!

Created with the help of Daher and real Kodiak pilots, the SWS Kodiak comes in four different wheeled variants, featuring 40 different liveries, authentic flight dynamics and high quality systems modelling!


  • Accurate 3D model created from factory CAD data
  • Amphibian floats and authentic cockpit equipment for their operation
  • Functioning beta range
  • Four different interiors: cargo, passenger, mixed, summit (executive)
  • 36 liveries

Custom animations: tail fluttering, working cabin lighting, armrests, air conditioning and much more!

  • Full G1000 NXi integration
  • Custom air conditioning system
  • High quality sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • PDF manual included in add-on folder

*NXi supported at the time of release. Newer versions of the NXi may require updates to the aircraft to maintain compatibility.

Minimum System Specifications

  • CPU: Ryzen 3 1200/Intel i5-4460
  • GPU: Radeon RX 570 / NVIDIA GTX 770
  • VRAM: 4 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 845MB

Recommended System Specifications

  • CPU: Ryzen 5 1500X / Intel i5-8400
  • GPU: Radeon RX 590 / Nvidia GTX 970
  • VRAM: 4 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • HDD: 845MB

Changelog v1.0.4

  • Reduced P-Factor and propwash on rudder
  • Fixed aircraft.cfg entries that prevented ATC from calling out custom tail numbers and airlines
  • Fixed tail flutter happening at speeds over 35 kts
  • Fixed G1000 brightness

Changelog v1.0.24

  • Changed low idle to 54% N1.
  • Changed high idle to 68% N1.
  • Fixed pitch trim mismatch when disengaging AP.
  • Improved Autopilot PID for NAV & LOC hold.
  • Increased propeller drag significantly and corrected engine output at lower power settings.
  • Corrections to AC physics system to account for wind from all directions when doors are open.
  • Added TAWS INHIBIT function.
  • Fixed overhead reading light casting even when potentiometer was off.
  • Various code improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed AP, AoA and O2 lights culling in all cockpit variants.
  • Fixed inverted VS wheel animation.
  • Re-rigged Hobbs meter (engine time).
  • Corrected stray labels in all VCs.
  • Added AI models.
  • LOD2 now has dummy screens for performance (all variants).
  • Improvements to the electrical system.
  • Separated G1000 screen brightness from buttons and made screen fully dimmable for night flying.
  • Increased autopilot panel minimum brightness to 2% when on.
  • Changed torque gauge readout graduation to 10 instead of 1ft-lb.

Changelog v1.2.0

  • Fixed missing ignition switch sound
  • Fixed bug where aircraft noses down when autopilot disengages
  • Fixed typo in units of flap autotrim system
  • Added TAWS INH annunciation on PFD
  • Modified TAWS TEST warning to not play if TAWS INHIBIT is on
  • Corrected idle fuel flow and improved consumption at lower ends
  • Implemented custom ITT logic
  • Implemented engine hot starts
  • Implemented engine failure due to overstress, overtorque, overheat
  • Implemented starter failures over time or with abuse.
  • Implemented fatigue persistence for engine and starter
  • Specified 0 heaters in pilot AC zone
  • Corrected AC temperature initialisation
  • Added ESP system
  • Added fuel starvation when flying at 0G or less
  • Fixed propeller drag and speeds at lower end of spectrum
  • Corrected Air Conditioning initialisation temperatures
  • Fixed wing leveller functionality
  • Added VR touch controller support
  • Created PFD & MFD cameras
  • Fixed some duplicates and errors in some cfg files
  • Code cleanups

Changelog v1.2.0 Hotfix

  • Reverted to Asobo’s wing leveller
  • Fixed TAWS Inhibit reverse operation
  • Deactivated ESP system until toggling it is possible through the G1000

Changelog v1.2.2

  • Fixed propeller glitch causing jumps at approach settings
  • Fixed warning chime playing below 85 kts


Changelog  v1.3.6
-Fixed residual ITT not dissipating after reaching idle Ng

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  1. rbringh (verified owner)

    Very nice plane. Graphics and sounds are top notch. Lots of versions and colors. Fun to fly. Makes landings at St. Bart’s much safer…lol

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