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ShaderLabs – RSP – Realistic Season Pack


Publisher: ShaderLab Productions
Date Added: Mar-20-2019
Version: 1.0
File Size: 3.1 MB

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Friends, we welcome you!

We present to your attention absolutely new product under the name “Realistic Season Pack” from the ShaderLabs company.

Perhaps you have a question: why Realistic?

The thing is that we have collected all the previous experience, and applied it in our new product. The utility has the most friendly interface for users, which is good news. Also, you do not have to think about which set to choose – the program can automatically determine the time of the year based on the System Date! Automatic shader cache cleaning, installation and recovery.

By means of our product you will have an opportunity to see in your flight simulator the most realistic picture in all seasons of the year. Beginning from solar summer, finishing in the snow winter.

Bright colors of greens, warm shades the sky, all this waits for you in a summer set.

The autumn set includes sated tone which will allow you to experience a cool in the morning and warmly in the afternoon.

The spring set also has warm colors as the proximity to summer is more and more felt. You can observe snow thawing that gives it a gray color.

Features of a winter set are that you will be able to observe everything is inherent in winter effects. Feelings of a frost, reflection of light from the earth covered with snow-white snow. The frost affects visibility that too is considered in our pack ice of shaders.

During creation of these sets photos of real landscapes were taken as a basis.

Safe to you flights and soft landings.

Yours faithfully, ShaderLabs Productions.


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