Realworld Scenery – Kodiak Alaska PADQ for MSFS


Publisher: Realworld Scenery
Date Added: Oct-11-2020
Version: 1.0
File Size: 330.8 MB

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Kodiak Airport, Alaska for MSFS. This is a beautiful and scenic gateway to the back country, with a highly detailed rendition of the airport, no small details overlooked. Includes the Coast Guard Base and an accurate rendition of the town and airbase. Modeled directly from pictures of the base also used for some textures. If you like to fly Alaska – this is a must have.

Alaska airlines and Ravn Alaska Airlines are daily flights into and out of Kodiak, delivering the goods that keep this community in business. Surrounded by millions of square miles of wilderness, this is the perfect starting point to any adventure, just be careful with the icing.

Realworld Scenery strives to bring you the BEST scenery possible, to replace the default scenery with the most accurate scenery possible. Thank you for your purchase!



Unzip the rws-paom and put the finished extraction folder into the “Community” folder in your MSFS installation files.

A few tips…

MSFS doesn’t have the option to remove their light balls (street lights) at this time so… we will fix this and update the product as soon as it is possible.

The cars on the road…they also have no way to remove the roads that the cars etc drive on so… we suggest you turn your road traffic down, if not completely off.

We built this on a GTX 1060 and a i7 4790 k and getting great frame rates, obviously if you have a better system then it will be awsome!


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