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Great news for users of our 3D Environment Packs.

We have COMPLETELY redesigned our Florida 3D environment pack from the ground up.

With a total of 14+ million autogen objects, this is the most complete coverage of autogen ever made for Florida.

Incorporating a brand new process to create trees and vegetation that COMPLETELY covers the ENTIRE state with millions of trees. No longer needing to use the incomplete GIS data, we have covered the state completely with CORRECTLY placed vegetation for a COMPLETE 3D experience.

We also added 99.9% of all MISSING BUILDINGS AND HOUSES, ending with over 7.6 million structures across the entire state, with all structures sitting on their realworld footprint.

Also, REDESIGNED all night lighting, covering the majority of roads with realistic, properly sized, night lighting.

This Update/Upgrade is available now, and should completely replace the previous Florida 3D Environment 2017 product.

You must also use this product along with RWS-Florida photoscenery product, or a similar photo-real product.

We are currently working to replace all our other 3D ENVIRONMENT PACKS for all other states with this same technology, and we are ABSOLUTELY SURE you will see and have the MOST REALISTIC EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE with the new upgrades!

Thank you for using our products and we hope you will take advantage of this offer and upgrade your previous purchase, you will not be disappointed!

(This product is completely compatible with all add-on airports and Orbx products. Best when used along with Orbx Vector.)


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