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Date Added: Oct-07-2020
Version: 1.0
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Take a smooth stable flight over the incredible new MSFS scenery with RDJ Simulations Blimp flight MSFS 2020!

12 different Blimps and 37+ in air flights or on the ground — ready to go over famous locations and cities. These blimps are special configured in the cfg and air files for extreme stability so you can spend time viewing and not fighting with roll and pitch and speed (and miss your house!) . And they are slow like real Blimps. Get one flying over your neighborhood and be able to enjoy seeing all your familiar places while working the cameras. These blimps have an (unobstructed view) Cockpit camera making for excellent pan viewing over areas with drone like camera viewing. If you do load one on a runway in your hometown make sure you read the (Launching process) in the install text..most flights in this package launch (In air) and you are (go!)


1 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_AKRON_OHIO_GOODYEAR -Fly the goodyear blimp over its hometown.
2 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_AMAZON -Fly the blimp flight blimp over the jungles of the Amazon rivers.
3 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_ANTARTICA.FLT -Fly the Expidition blimp over the ice of Antarctica.
4 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_AREA_51 -Fly the area 51 blimp over the mysterious area 51- Watch your 6 ..one of those UFO’s they test will be checking you out to make sure you behave!
5 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_BERMUDA -Fly the Tropical wave Bermuda blimp over Bermuda.
6 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_CAPE_CANAVERAL -Fly over rocket land Cape Kennedy/Canaveral.
7 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_CASTAWAY_MOVIE_LOCATION -Fly over the movie set Island for Cast Away.
8 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_COOK_ISLANDS -Fly over the Cook Islands Pacific.
9 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_DEVILS_TOWER -Fly the American west blimp over Devils Tower Wyoming.(make sure you check for downloads for this scenery)
10 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_FT_LAUDERDALE -Fly over endless beach condos of Ft Lauderdale and Hollywood Fla.
11 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_GIZA -Fly the World tour blimp over the Egyptian pyramids!
12 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_GRAND_CANYON -Fly the American west over Grand Canyon.
13 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_HOLLYWOOD -Fly over Hollywood California!
14 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_HONOLULU -Fly the Aloha blimp over the beaches of Honolulu.
15 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_JERUSALEM -Fly the World tour blimp over the ancient city!
16 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_KILAUA_VOLCANO -Fly over the famous volcano!
17 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_LAS_VEGAS_NIGHT -Fly the Vegas billboard advertising blimp over the city! (Be on the lookout for dev downloads of city) You will have the smooth flying blimp at the ready!
18 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_MELBOURNE Fly the Australian city!
19 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_METEOR_CRATER -Fly the American west over Meteor crater Arizona!
20 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_MOSCOW -Fly the World tour blimp over Moscow!
21 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_MT RUSHMORE -Fly over the area (Look for addons-seems to be no monument here!)
22 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_MT_EVEREST -Fly over the tallest mountain!
23 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_MT_FUJI -Fly over the new MSFS update mountain.
24 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_MT_MCKINLEY -Fly the Expedition blimp over Mt. McKinley.
25 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_NIAGRA_FALLS -Fly over Niagara falls. (Look for downloads of it)
26 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_NYC_HIGH_UP -Fly the RDJ Simulations fire blimp high above NYC!
27 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_NYC_HIGH_UP_AT_NIGHT-Fly the RDJ Simulations fire blimp high above NYC at night!
28 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_NYC_MANHATTAN -Fly a low flight the length of Manhattan- Just let the flight load and touch (no) flight controls the whole flight-it flys itself as you view- switch to the virtual cockpit unobstructed camera from menu bar and pan all around for incredible views.
29 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_PARIS -Fly the city of Paris France!
30 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_SEDONA -Fly over the rugged hills of Sedona in the American west!
31 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_STONEHENGE -Fly over Stonehenge England (Look for addons)
32 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_TOKYO -Take a flight in the World tour over Tokyo.
33 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_US_NAVY_CAMP_LEJUNE -Fly the US NAVY blimp over Camp Lejune North Carolina.
34 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_US_NAVY_PENSACOLA -Fly the US NAVY blimp over Pensacola NAS – home of Naval aviation!
36 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_WASHINGTON_DC.FLT -Fly Washington DC in the Blimp World blimp!
37 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_YOSEMITE_VALLEY -Fly the Yosemite valley (Look for addons of this location)
Other flights
38 RDJ_BLIMPFLIGHT_ELEPHANTS several flights include the (Fauna) flights with the World tour blimp.. Some while parked on the ground where you just wait and watch for Elephants or Giraffes or Bears to walk by the blimp.

Many others flights are added also..


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