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Date Added: Jul-26-2021
Version: 1.0
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An X-Plane 11 SEM Super Etendard Modernis. Following a request from a SEM fan, I adapted, with the authorization of the FSX SEM authors, the SEM for X-Plane 11. It is a 3D model, with now a quality 1K texture. The 1K texture is converted to 4K, but I have to improve these textures soon to make real 4K, also PBR. The plane is therefore not finished, it is a first raw model. There will be automatisms with lua files. The plane is fully animated and VR in version 3D cockpit, sound FMOD. Thanks infinitely, for the 3D model of FSX, and texture 1K, to Frank Safranek. The creators FSX are: Romain Lucas, Laurent Lucas, Eric Marciano, Frank Safranek.

This plane is free. I hope you will like it and maybe try some of my other planes.

About The Super Etendard

The Dassault Super-Étendard is a French attack and fighter aircraft built by Breguet-Dassault, intended to be loaded on board aircraft carriers. Successor of the Étendard IV, 85 units were produced and commissioned by the French Navy and Argentina.

The initial version of the Super-Étendard is sometimes abbreviated SUE (for Super-Étendard), while the modernized version appeared at the end of the 1980s is called SEM (for modernized Super-Étendard).

The French Super Etendards have served in several conflicts such as the war in Kosovo, the war in Afghanistan and the military intervention in Libya. The Super Étendard was also operated by Iraq (on a temporary lease) and Argentina, both of which deployed the aircraft in wartime. Argentina’s use of the Super Etendard and the Exocet missile during the Falklands War of 1982 helped the aircraft gain considerable popular recognition.

The Super Banner was used by Iraq to attack oil tankers and merchant ships in the Persian Gulf during the Iraq-Iran War. In French service, the Super Étendard was replaced by the Dassault Rafale in 2016.


  • FMOD, only X-Plane 11
  • PBR render
  • SASL3 for XP11
  • VR possible
  • User flight manual
  • 4K textures
  • Custom HUD
  • Cockpit enhancement
  • Improved stability
  • Auto flaps
  • G display
  • Automated avionics functions
  • Multiple weapon system display modes
  • Dynamic head movement in flight and taxi without TrackIR
  • Animated 3D model
  • 3D cockpit with multiple functions
  • Cockpit light adjustment
  • Animation flaps
  • Slats
  • Animation canopy
  • Landing gear with doors
  • Foldings wings
  • Tailhook
  • Two models: 2D cockpit (for best frame rate) or detailed 3D cockpit
  • Nav light selection
  • Radar display
  • Pilot automatic
  • Engine systems
  • Complete NAV system
  • Weapon system panel

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