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Perfect Flight – United Flight Operations For FS2004

$18.00 $10.80

Publisher: Perfect Flight
Date Added: Oct-19-2018
File Size: 90.5 MB

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United Airlines Flight Operations is not only an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator but also a complete game. 

Includes Adventures, Planes in new UA colors and an original software interface, UAFO.EXE, that allow you to replicate all most popular airline operations, as in real life. The software has been completely rewritten and optimized to be used with FS2004. Start your Pilot Career today!

United Flight Operations Fleet includes:

  • Boeing 737-400

  • Boeing 747-300

  • Boeing 777-300

  • Airbus A320-200

  • AVRO RJ-85

  • BAE 146-300

  • Custom Panels

  • Stereo Sounds

  • CheckList Book

  • UAFO Software to menage your  Pilot carreer

The Adventures

The new ABL Adventures features:

  • Complete Ai/ATC interaction
  • Ai/Traffic available during the adventure
  • Speed restriction
  • Now the flight are rated and the score is announced!
  • Complete Cabin Announcement; gear, flaps, parking brakes, warnings.
  • Check Lists  (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking)
  • Speeds Call, 80 Knt,V1, Vr, V2, flaps, gear
  • GPWS
  • Radar Altimeter

The Game

Designed to assure maximum realism in your Fligt Simulation experience, this software, easy to use, saves  all Pilot activity information. Flights, hours, Rank etc. It will ask you to execute all checkrides need for keep on your Pilot Career. Also, you can find more than 800 pre-saved flights to use with an integrated Adventure Compiler. The Compiler let you to edit and set any  aircraft and flight parameter

New Main Interface features:

  • Multiples Pilot Profiles Management; 

  • Subsequent Flights

  • Random Flight Assignment option

  • Flights saved automatically in the FlightBook

  • Interactive Airport Flights List 

  • Integrated Adventure Compiler


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