Perfect Flight – Private Flights – Lear 45 for FSX and P3D

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Publisher: Perfect Flight
Date Added: Oct-19-2018
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The Lear 45 is a mid-size business jet aircraft produced by the Learjet Division of Bombardier Aerospace. The Learjet 45 was the first all-new design since the original Learjet, and significantly altered the Learjet line. In this representation you will come across a complete and realistic simulation experience. The missions pack, designed by Perfect Flight to work with FSX and Prepar3D V.2, V3 and V4 adds more value and enjoyment.

Product Features

  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Steam Version and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2, v3 and v4
  • Bombardier Learjet 45 XR House colors with extra options, High detailed 3d texture and Stereo Sounds
  • Missions Pack – The Missions pack (available in both FSX and P3D) features Flight briefing, Cabin preparation (Frequencies, Autopilot, etc.), Step by step Check Lists Procedures (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking) with prompt menu. Crew announcements, speed calls and restriction, Captain speaking, GPWS and much more! Fly for hours and hours of very enjoyment in a large range of scenarios.
  • Fully customizable with our exclusive Special Feature that lets you to use a plane of your choice (instead of the included fleet) and to edit weather, time, date and season for each approach/mission. You does not need of external program or make complicated actions such adjustment, modification or file editing. Just install the special feature, choose the plane, weather, time, date and season direct from the FSX Free Flight Menu, then choose the desired mission and fly with your favorite aircraft and settings without losing the Success message
  • Complete documentation. Product includes Airport info and charts for all destination and an useful User Guide
  • PES (Passengers Entertainment System) – Missions also features the exclusive PES (Passengers Entertainment System), now fully customizable with your own sound tracks. When you reach the cruising altitude, a Prompt Menu will appear on your screen with PES Options. You can play until six soundtracks in a single flight. An entire section of the User Guide explain you how to use your own favorite soundtracks instead of those provided with the product!

Missions List

  • LJ01 – Picnic at Martha’s Vineyard
  • LJ02 – Guatemala Tour
  • LJ03 – The Slot Machine City
  • LJ04 – Short trip in Westphalia
  • LJ05 – Gran Canaria Vacations
  • LJ06 – Garda’s Lake Windsurf Trophy
  • LJ07 – Welcome to Niagara Falls
  • LJ08 – Houston, we have a problem…
  • LJ09 – Short trip to Toluca
  • LJ10 – Weekend of relax at Sankt Moritz
  • LJ11 – Avalon Beach Paradise
  • LJ12 – The Vesuvio Vulcan
  • LJ13 – The Tyrolean Valley
  • LJ14 – Isla Verde Puerto Rico
  • LJ15 – Côte d’Azur full immersion
  • LJ16 – Thames River Express Courier
  • LJ17 – Adriatic Sea Charter
  • LJ18 – California Dreams
  • LJ19 – Südtirol Green Valley
  • LJ20 – The Flowers Riviera
  • LJ21 – Towards the Atlantic Ocean
  • LJ22 – Urgent Meeting at the European Parliament
  • LJ23 – Lugano The Steepest ILS
  • LJ24 – Roof of the world



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