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Date Added: Oct-19-2018
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FSX Missions is a series of products designed exclusively for Flight Simulator X and for all pilots who want real airline experience.

As a new Delta Air Lines 737-800 Captain you have now fifteen flights assignment in your Pilot Logbook. Missions’ include: short, middle and long range flights. All Flights are subsequent, as in real life. Your goal in each mission is to complete your scheduled flight following the assigned flight-plan. Land in the correct Airport and you will receive a SUCCESS message, as usual in FSX Missions feature

Product Includes

  • Boeing 737-800 in Delta livery
  • Reworked stereo engines sound
  • 15 new Missions for your Flight Simulator X
  • Pre-saved flights with GPS armed
  • Complete Flight Briefing
  • Airport Facility (frequency, runways and ILS description)
  • FSX Radar gauge included in the main panel
  • Scheduled Flights from/to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson; Greenville Spartanburg Intl; Memphis Intl; Cincinnati Northern; San Diego Intl Lindbergh; San Jose Los Cabos Intl; Salt Lake City Intl; Portland Intl; Seattle Tacoma Intl; Kansas City Intl; Chicago O’Hare Intl

Features Available During The Mission

  • Request different runway for t/o
  • Transition Level
  • Flight Level change
  • Missed Approach
  • Visual Approach
  • T/O speed call
  • Check Lists
  • Nav Info
  • Weather Report
  • ATC Interaction
  • Speed restriction
  • Cabin Announcement
  • Warnings
  • GPWS
  • Radar Altimeter
  • Routing


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