Perfect Flight – FS Approaches! USA Vol. 2 For FS2004


Publisher: Perfect Flight
Date Added: Oct-19-2018
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FS Approaches! – Vol 2 USA comes for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

All simmers know that Microsoft Flight Simulator cannot allow setting up and flying an “approach only” situation. So, we have decided to fill up this gap by developing FS Approaches! Add-on for FS2004.

Product Features

  • 200+ Approach Flights/Adventures: Adventures covers all major airports in USA
  • Direct access to Charts & Maps Database (Approach Plates, Arrivals, Airport Diagrams)
  • Interactive Flight Briefing. Charts and Airport Facility are available and accessible during the flight, as in real life.
  • 100% Compatibility. You can use any airplane you want and you can set time, season, and weather, as well
  • Unlimited Approaches platform. For variety, you can re-fly any Flight/Adventure with a different aircraft, at a different time or in a different season or with different weather conditions. Also you can use the GPS Gauge in order to fly any Approach Procedure
  • ABL Adventures. The Adventure module was written in ABL language. Abl Adventures includes: In-flight start situation, Ai/ATC interaction; Ai/Traffic available during the flight; Speed restriction; Flight rating; Cabin announcement; gear, flaps, parking brakes, warnings; Check Lists; Speeds Calls, GPWS; Radar Altimeter.
  • Flight Rating. All Flights/Adventures are rated. At the end of your flight you can hear your score
  • User Guide. Learn how to use the GPS to execute an Approach. Detailed instruction includes Basic Approach operation, Approaches with Procedure Turns, Missed Approach, Approach with a Hold, Vector to Final Approach, and more


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