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Date Added: Oct-11-2020
Version: 1.0
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We are pleased to present FS Approaches – Pilot In Command MSFSthe first product 100% integrated with Microsoft Flight Simulator. You will find 24 approach plates and you can choose a flight direct from the Flight Simulator Main Menu, under the section “ACTIVITIES/Landing Challenges“.

Discover new places, amazing landscapes and refine your landing technique with this set of missions that will take you around the world.

Try the difficulty of a very densely populated approach conditions or bumps, crosswind and turbulence on final.

Product feature:

  • 24 Missions Approach  (8 Famous, 8 Epic, 8 Strong Wind) to Isafjorour, London City, Boston, Key West, New York La Guardia, Chicago Midway, Oakland, Telluride, Cannes, Rome Fiumicino, Chamonix, Zurich, Toncontin, Auckland, Wellington, Dubai, Anchorage, Sikita, Kansai, Quito (Old), Chagual, Sint Marteen, Saba, Hong Kong
  • Easy to install.  You can install the product using an unique setup file. You don’t have to edit any configuration file. Also, the installation process does not affect any element of Flight Simulator.
  • 100% integrated in the Main Flight Simulator Menu!
  • User Guide with detailed instructions and maps



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