Perfect Flight – FS APPROACHES EUROPE VOL.1 For FS2004


Publisher: Perfect Flight
Date Added: Oct-19-2018
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All simmers know that Microsoft Flight Simulator cannot set up and fly an “approach only”
situation. So, we have decided to fill this gap by developing FS Approaches!
add-on for FS2004.

FS Approaches! – Vol 1 Europe for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Product Features

  • 157 Approach Flight/Adventure:
    Adventures cover all major airports in Europe
  • 450 Navigation Charts (Approach
    Plates, Arrivals, Airport Diagrams)
  • Interactive Flight Briefing.
    Charts and Airport Facility are available and accessible during the flight, as
    in real life.
  • 100% Compatibility. You can use any
    airplane you want and you can set time, season, and weather, as well
  • Unlimited Approaches platform.
    For variety, you can re-fly any Flight/Adventure with a different aircraft, at
    a different time or in a different season or with different weather
  • ABL Adventures. Flight’s
    adventure module was written in ABL language. Abl Adventures includes:
    In-flight start situation, AI/ATC interaction; Ai/Traffic available during the
    flight; Speed restriction; Flight rating; Cabin announcement; gear, flaps,
    parking brakes, warnings; Check Lists; Speeds Calls, GPWS; Radar Altimeter.
  • Flight Rating. All
    Flights/Adventures are rated. At the end of your flight you can hear your
  • The Pilot HandBook. Learn to fly
    with an estensive flight manual that will teachs you any aspect of the flying
    (more than 350 pag.)


  • MS Flight Simulator 2004
  • 50 Mb of free space available


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