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Date Added: Oct-19-2018
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Four or six place business, utility & advanced pilot training twin.

With the wonderful control harmony that is the hallmark of the Bonanza line, the Beech Baron 58 is considered a classic light twin. The Baron 58 is the spiffed-up version of a time-tested favorite, made more modern by its new Continental Special engines. The Baron combines the attractiveness of Beechcraft design with the reliability of twin engines, resulting in a gorgeous workhorse of an aircraft.

Product Features

  • Detailed 3d textures

  • Full moving parts including: Flaps, Rudder, Ailerons, Spoilers, Gear, Passenger Door,

  • Full night lighting inside and out

  • Fully-featured 2d panel

  • 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Stereo Sounds

  • Reflective texture mapping

  • Checklist

  • 20 Liveries: Alitalia; British Midland; Heli Muster; Jaguar; KLM; Mesa; Us Check; Sky Way; Private N58YD; Service Aviation; Private N711MO; Flight Training Australia; Escola de Aviacao Aerocondor; Air Charter Bremen; Air Toulouse; American Jet International; Air Phoenix International; Singapore Flying College; Scope Leasing; US Forest Service;

  • ABL Adventure Manager – This exclusive feature allows you to design all Adventures you want.

  • 20 complete Round Robin adventures “ready to use”.

  • The Pilot Handbook. Learn to fly with an extensive flight manual that will teaches you any aspect of the flying (more than 350 pag.)

Pilot Hand Book

Product also includes Pilot Hand Book,  an extensive flight manual of more than 350 pages. It  will teaches you any aspect of the flying. 

Brief summary of themes treated in the Pilot Han Book

  • Energy Awareness and Energy Management; Angle of Attack Awareness and Angle of Attack Management; Airfoils and Airflow; Vertical Damping, Roll; Damping, and Stalls; Angle of Attack Stability, Trim, and Spiral Dives; More About Energy and Power; Yaw-Wise Torque Budget; Slips, Skids, and Snap Rolls; Landing; Takeoff; Cross-Country Flying; Emergency Procedures; Flight Maneuvers; Multi-Engine Flying; Stalls and Spins; The Laws of Motion; The Atmosphere; Pilot-In-Command Decision making

ABL Adventure Manager

Unlimited Adventures! Design yourself all the adventures you want using the new and exclusive Adventure Manager, the AI/ATC Adventure Creator that allows complete interaction with the FS ATC and Traffic generated by the Artificial Intelligence. You can create an adventure for any departure/arrival air port pair you like using FS2004 or any other Flight Plan capable to export the plan in FS2004 format (like FSNavigator, Ultimate Airlines etc.). Also you can set-up many options before compile the adventure. For example, if you want to change the fuel on board the Compiler computes automatically the V1,Vr and V2 speeds but you can always modify all parameters. 

Product includes also 20 complete round robin adventures ready to use:

  • 01 –  East Midlands to Jersey

  • 02 –  Jersey to East Midlands

  • 03 –  Bankstown to Tamworth

  • 04 –  Tamworth to Bankstown

  • 05 –  De Kooy Navy to Rotterdam

  • 06 –  Rotterdam to De Kooy Navy

  • 07 –  Tulsa Intl to Adams

  • 08 –  Adams to Tulsa Intl

  • 09 –  Mandelieu to Marina Di Campo

  • 10 –  Marina Di Campo to Mandelieu

  • 11 –  Four Corners Regl to San Luis Valley Regl Bergman

  • 12 –  San Luis Valley Regl Bergman to Four Corners Regl

  • 13 –  Brown Mun to Mineta San Jose Intl

  • 14 –  Mineta San Jose Intl to Brown Mun

  • 15 –  Archerfield to Rockhampton

  • 16 –  Rockhampton to Archerfield

  • 17 –  Meigs to Quad-City Intl

  • 18 –  Quad-City Intl. to Meigs

  • 19 –  Nashville Intl to Huntsville Intl-Jones

  • 20 –  Huntsville Intl-Jones to Nashville Intl

Adventures uses different weather condition, time and season, so you can experiencing your pilot skill as in real life.


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