Neil’s Tours – Westwood Walks Vol 2 for MSFS 2020


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Westwood’s Walks Volume 2 – Eastern Fells for MSFS 2020


Another bite at the cherry. This time we’re exploring the area around Brotherswater before moving over to Grasmere a very popular area in the Lake District, here in this guide you can experience Lakeland for yourself so if and when you ever visit it’ll be like coming home and as the fells see.

A Flying Tour of the English Lake District

There really is no other place in the British Isles like the English Lake District and for anyone who uses MSFS 2020 and would like to visit the area at sometime in the future thanks to the excellent Bing maps this is now possible and there is no better guide book available on the planet!

I have visited the area many times since my father first took me in his new Ford Anglia and saw Lake Windermere from the small town of Bowness on Windermere a very busy town even then. Over the years we drove all over the Lake District visiting all the towns and seeing all the sights.

I carried on touring when I got my first motorbike, a BSA C15, when I was 16, but it wasn’t until I was in my twenties I started walking the fells, but nowhere near as much as Alfred Wainwright.

Wainwright spent his whole life walking and writing about these hills and mountains. It was he that gave me the inspiration to write these guides, but personally I find it much easier to actually fly them, definitely the best way to view these mountains. I recommend the Nemeth Design 103 which is ideal for our type of slow visual flying. Even Wainwright said “I hope when I die there is some kind of heaven, imagine flapping your wings around Great Gable”.

In Volume 2 I have created a couple more fictional fields (and they are literally fields) for us to operate from and I am starting our journey on the Eastern Fells at Patterdale where we left off in the Volume 1.

You can see the excellent Terrain map in the view of one of the Lake District’s most popular walks “Striding Edge”, clearly showing the knife edge walk with Swirral Edge on the left and Catstye Cam at the end, with Red Tarn snuggling safely in the bottom.

A good days walk is anything from 3-12 hours hard graft and you have to be fairly fit. We can cover the same area by air and see much more in 12-15 minutes and that’s not rushing so if you fancy viewing the Lake District as never before try Westwood Walks Vol. 1. When all the volumes are complete you will probably know as much about the hills as the great man himself.

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