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For lovers of grass strip flying here we have a comprehensive package from all around the UK. Designed for real and armchair pilots and is for challenging and improving your flying/navigational skills. If you’re a real pilot, thanks to the excellent Bing scenery you can fly there before returning in real life.

The airfields have been designed using mainly default objects and are built purely for fun. I have also taken the liberty of placing end numbers on some of the fields that are particularly difficult to find. Some of the airport codes are fictional.

This bundle includes UK Farm Strips vol 9, vol 10, vol 11, vol 12.

Included Airfields In Vol 9

  1. Auchindore
  2. Badminton
  3. Bagby
  4. Barton Ashes
  5. Black Springs Farm (Castle Bytham)
  6. Brockwood Park
  7. Brown Shutters
  8. Chilbolton
  9. Clench Common
  10. Clutton Hill
  11. Coal Aston
  12. Crosland Moor
  13. Crowfield
  14. Foula
  15. Ilas Field
  16. Kirton Lindsey
  17. Kittyhawk Farm
  18. Lamb Holm
  19. Rosemarket
  20. West Tisted

Included Airfields In Vol 10

  1. Ballyvaloo Eire 890 EICT
  2. Bennets End AG168
  3. Bowland Fell Gliding AG96
  4. Coleman Green AG211
  5. Crook Farm EGIO
  6. Davidstow EGJV
  7. Feshibridge EGZL
  8. Garston Farm AG124
  9. Gerpins Farm AG123
  10. Lumb EGRW
  11. Middleham YD04
  12. Nayland EGGH
  13. New-Farm (Bristol) AG125
  14. Pitsford EGII
  15. Portmoak EGYV
  16. Raydon Wings EGEZ
  17. Rhos Y Gilwen AG212
  18. Rookery Farm EGQX
  19. Rosearrow EGQO
  20. Tarn Farm EGJX

Included Airfields In Vol 11

  1. Bognor EGKC
  2. Burn EGBY
  3. Cliffe EGID
  4. Colonsay EGEY
  5. Defford AG320
  6. Fetlar FEA
  7. Finmere AG319
  8. Graveley EGVR
  9. Hardwicke EGIP
  10. Horham EGZH
  11. Houghton (update) EGNA
  12. Jackrells Farm EGTX
  13. New-Farm (Bristol) AG125
  14. Priory Farm AG301
  15. Sherburn EGCJ
  16. Slinfold AG97
  17. Stoke Golding EGUX
  18. Stow Maries EGZX
  19. Sturton Grange/Garforth EGGF
  20. Unst EGPW

Included Airfields In Vol 12

  1. Beeches Farm EGVI
  2. Graveley EGVR
  3. Great Massingham EGTT
  4. Kirkbride EGWI
  5. Little-Staughton EGFK
  6. Longford AG502
  7. Long-Mynd EGNP
  8. Lukesfield EGYY
  9. Manton EGJN
  10. Mitchell’s-Farm EGUU
  11. Nether-Huntleywood EGIT
  12. Old-Hay EGQA
  13. Old-Park-Farm EGPY
  14. Pilling-Sands AG401
  15. Rathcoole-Airport EIRT
  16. Weston Zoyland EGWS
  17. Westray EGEW
  18. Wharf-Farm EGMK
  19. Yatesbury EGAV

Along with each volume you also get a detailed guide book in PDF format. The guide includes information on all the fields, including written details, charts and photos that will help you find and enjoy the scenery.

Available Only As Download

Like all products in the FlightSim.Com Store, this one is available only as a download. We do not offer anything on CD or other media and nothing will be mailed to you. You can download immediately upon purchase and again at any time by going to the “My Account” section of the store.

Please note that as a bundle you are actually purchasing several products which must each be downloaded and installed individually.


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