Neil’s Tours – UK Farm Strips – Vol 3 for MSFS


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Another collection of 20 farm strips again dotted all around the UK. Most of the models are default at the moment but they bring alive a flat 2D surface in the main. This collection is also a fantastic navigation aid for real world flying due in the main to the Bing Maps backdrop making the fields as difficult (if not more difficult) to find as they are in real life. Remember on a lot of locations you are looking for a field in the middle of a thousand fields!

I strongly recommend you obtain a good map, a stopwatch and also turn off any navigation aids you may have and you’ll find it much more satisfying to actually find the field. One thing you will notice is after all these grass strips how easy it is to land at an airfield with a long tarmac strip!

Included Airfields

  1. Aughrim EGZG
  2. Boulmer AG121
  3. Cobbs Cross AG120
  4. Darley Moor EGMY
  5. Dornoch EGZP
  6. East Durham AG109
  7. Easterton EGJL
  8. East Lochlane EGFV
  9. Fair Isle EGEF
  10. Glenswinton EGDW
  11. Hanley-William AG112
  12. Harling AG111
  13. Insch EGIV
  14. London Gliding Club
  15. Long Crendon AG113
  16. Otterburn AG122
  17. Oxenhope EGOX
  18. Park Farm AG88
  19. Peartree Farm EGYX
  20. Pymore AG79

Along with the scenery you also get a 55 page guide book in PDF format. The guide includes information on all the fields, including written details, charts and photos that will help you find and enjoy the scenery.


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